Benefits of WhatsApp Link for Websites in Malaysia

The world’s most popular social media platform is changing the way companies interact with customers throughout their journey – here are four reasons why it can provide optimal conversational commerce and excellent customer service.

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we connect with one another since its introduction in 2009. It continues to exceed all other social media, with over two billion active monthly members in 180 countries sending 100 million messages every day. With the launch of WhatsApp Business for small businesses and, most critically, the enterprise-grade WhatsApp Business API in 2018, this enormous reach has lately expanded into the commercial sphere. By 2021, 175 million users will be texting a WhatsApp Business account on a daily basis!

The social app has become a vital avenue for marketers looking to communicate with clients on a platform they already use in their everyday lives as a result of its rapid adoption. That shouldn’t be surprising; after all, 75 percent of individuals want to communicate with businesses in the same manner they communicate with friends and family, according to studies.

What is WhatsApp Business, and why is it so popular? 

Simply simply, WhatsApp Business enables businesses to communicate with their consumers safely and securely over the WhatsApp messaging platform. WhatsApp has the benefit of being directly linked to a single phone number and providing a branded company profile rather than a string of digits. This allows customers to see who they are conversing with or getting messages from right away. WhatsApp also provides accurate delivery information, allowing businesses to track which messages have been delivered and, ultimately, read.

There’s also a rising trend to employ business messaging for ‘conversational commerce,’ which allows sales and support staff to respond to product or customer service concerns with rich, relevant messages, facilitating a new purchase or keeping an existing client satisfied.

WhatsApp’s popularity has risen since it came preloaded on many smartphones across the world, and it continues to rise. As a result, it’s likely that your consumers are already using the app. To build that customer connection, just create a WhatsApp Company profile and link it to your business phone number. You can simply use it in all of your marketing initiatives to persuade more clients to create that direct connection with you because your company visibility is related to only one phone number (short codes are not necessary!).

Four main advantages of WhatsApp that alter consumer journeys 

The WhatsApp Business API has four benefits for helping businesses serve customers from the top to the bottom of the funnel and beyond:

1. Energizing Discussions 

While WhatsApp is great for practical customer service like sending notifications and warnings, its greatest power is in allowing companies to effortlessly participate in two-way real-time discussions. In a world where conversational business is quickly becoming the norm, this is critical. Consumers increasingly expect to be able to easily contact live agents and engage with them about the products, services, and customer experiences they desire.

Keep in mind that 80% of self-described “regular consumers” would only purchase with businesses that customize their experiences, which is another expectation that WhatsApp Business is aiming to meet. For example, businesses might customize message content based on factors such as a customer’s name, purchasing history, and location, including nation and city. Even better, WhatsApp gives accurate statistics on message delivery and read rates, allowing businesses to assess the effectiveness of their personalisation tactics.

It’s also important to note that such sophisticated customizing capabilities are simple to use. Because of WhatsApp’s streamlined method, marketers may avoid using lengthy numbers or shortcodes, as well as being bound by country-specific telecom rules. Instead, the organization may create an official fully-branded business profile and include vital information like email/phone contacts, social media connections, shop addresses, website URLs, and more by activating their account with a single dedicated phone number.

2. Messaging Security 

The WhatsApp Business API is built on a foundation of enterprise-level security. WhatsApp, for example, checks all business account information before activation. When clients choose to communicate with a business over WhatsApp, they know they’re communicating with a legitimate organization rather than a phony. Thanks to WhatsApp’s built-in two-factor authentication, the company also knows the client is genuine.

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption on all messages to provide clients additional peace of mind about their privacy and data; even the social platform itself cannot read or decode any shared material between a company and a customer. Finally, the GDPR compliance of the company’s WhatsApp chats is ensured by the formal opt-in necessary from customers to begin speaking with a brand. This safeguards the company from violating any regulations that, if broken, may result in considerable financial and reputational harm.

3. Marketing Transformation 

WhatsApp offers significant chances for marketers to interact with prospects, from Click-to-Chat and Conversation buttons that allow customers to quickly start speaking with a company to employing broadcast messaging in digital marketing campaigns.

Non-transactional messaging, for example, allows marketers to communicate with opted-in clients outside of the formal support time (previously, brands could only message customers in response to their specific queries within a 24-hour window). Non-transactional communications provide a necessary, strong new format to engage, entertain, and excite prospects as well as deepen connections with current customers via targeted offers, goods, services, and events, as long as the material is both fresh and relevant.

4. Getting the Hang of Integration 

Even the most cutting-edge CX solution risks becoming inefficient, if not redundant, if it is unable to completely connect with current corporate processes. That’s why many businesses opt to plan, build, and roll out their WhatsApp solution in collaboration with an official WhatsApp Business API provider.

The simplest and most intelligent method to integrate WhatsApp Business. 

WhatsApp’s launch as a business tool is historic. It has the potential to become one of the most effective consumer interaction channels on the market today, especially for organizations servicing a worldwide audience, because to its broad reach, highly active user population, and robust communications capabilities. Launch your WhatsApp Business presence as soon as possible if you want to stay competitive and engage with your clients authentically. Warning: To guarantee maximum usage, WhatsApp is progressively onboarding businesses and will initially only debut those that have been verified and authorized, such as the organizations we’ve described above.

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