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Best Braces Colors to Brighten Your Smile

Choosing braces colors can be daunting, especially if you’re uncertain about which colors will complement your skin tone and features. Luckily, there are plenty of color schemes you can choose from, so as long as you match the braces color wheel, you’ll look amazing with braces on! Here are some of the best braces colors to brighten your smile and your day!

The color wheel

It’s easy to think of color in terms of a spectrum, but you can also think about it in terms of a wheel. When you want to choose some new braces colors, use your knowledge of hue and tint, along with complementary and contrasting colors. A good rule of thumb is to choose one color as your base (the main color) and then one or two other colors that complement or contrast well with it. An example would be choosing blue as your base and adding red or green for contrast. If you know someone who wears braces who has a brightly colored mouthpiece, don’t feel limited by what’s on your local orthodontist’s shelf. Customize yours so you stand out from the crowd!

Another way to pick color combinations is by thinking about how they make you feel; are you drawn to light blues because they remind you of the ocean? Or do brighter colors like reds, yellows, or purples appeal to you more? There are many ways to match braces colors!

Each shade of braces color comes with its own advantages

some can camouflage stains, while others are more visually appealing. Whatever your preference, there is a color of braces that will give you that bright smile you’ve always wanted. When choosing your braces color palette, it’s important to remember that not all shade combinations look great together. For example, light pink and blue just don’t work—but beige and brown definitely do! Here are some of our favorite picks for braces colors 2 Week Braces Whitening with EverWhite Treatment: If yellowed teeth leave you feeling self-conscious or limit your options in life (from headshots to job interviews), then 2 week braces whitening may be an excellent option for you. The majority of people who wear braces choose to undergo at least some degree of aesthetic customization – whether by means of clear aligners or colored retainers – as part of their orthodontic treatment process. But what if that wasn’t necessary? What if there was a way you could enjoy both comfortable bite correction AND naturally white teeth in less than two weeks? And what if we told you we could offer one month’s worth of dramatic results from only ten 10-minute appointments over two weeks?

Ask your dentist about what works best for you

Dental braces aren’t just for straightening teeth—they can also be used for cosmetic purposes. For example, if you want a whiter smile, your dentist may suggest clear ceramic braces or silver chrome braces. Still not sure which color is best? To decide on your perfect shade of dental hardware, think about what color complements your skin tone and eye color best. If you have brown eyes and fair skin, try something on the blue end of yellow spectrum (gold). Some people with darker skin tones might look good in lighter shades; others will want a more intense hue that really pops against their complexion.

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