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Best Google Ads Management Services Company: Xpanded ads

Best Google Ads Management Services Company, a single platform that even today brings together all the online advertising services of the Mountain View giant, from the “historical” Search Ads up to the latest Google Play in-app ads, including Display Network campaigns, Shopping, YouTube video ads, Google Maps locations, responsive ads and more.

Google Ads: the extension of ads on the Search network

The advertiser, in short, can count on a significantly increase number of usable characters. within your ad (it goes from 130 characters to 300).

The reasons for this experiment are many: on the one hand the desire to make advertisements more similar to organic results, on the other hand, the clear intention to push (still) further down the SERP the natural results, whose visualization is already now less immediate than in the past (especially from mobile).


From the advertiser’s point of view, however, the main advantage consists in a considerable increase in the advertising space dedicate to itself: the extend ads occupy a greater area of ​​the SERP, returning a significantly increase visibility to the promotion of their products or services.

However, this possibility, in this first test phase, was not grant to everyone: Google had select a small number of Premier Partners certified agencies to entrust with the management of the new ad format: SiComunicaWeb was one of the first agencies chosen by Google to offer this great opportunity to its customer base.

2022: the move to responsive text ads

Therefore, since its beta introduction in January 2017, Google Ads expand text ads and has been able to dramatically increase the performance of paid ads, making them more and more similar to organic results.

The search-click interaction rate (% CTR) has significantly increase compare to standard text ads, and similarly, the average conversion rate seen by Google Ads campaigns has also increased.

How responsive text ads work

Which then Google’s artificial intelligence combines and puts together base on users’ search intent. This way, users are shown the most relevant ad based on what they typed in the search bar and their interests.

However, the number of characters that can be used within the texts does not change, which always remains:

30 characters spaces are include for each title;
90 characters spaces are include for each description;
15 characters for each paragraph.
In addition, every time a new ad is create, Google provides guidance to improve its effectiveness through a rating on a scale ranging from poor to excellent. The factors that go into making a responsive text ad more effective are:

the variety;
the quality;
the use of the right keywords;
the number of titles;
the number of descriptions.
Google will also continue to show the usual preview, thanks to which it will be possible to observe how the system could mix the information enter in the SERP.

Expanded text ads Responsive text ads

Titles: maximum 3 Title: maximum 15
Descriptions: maximum 2 Descriptions: maximum 4
Paths: maximum 2 Paths: maximum 2
Final URL : Maximum one per ad group Final URL : Maximum one per ad group

further, increase the interaction rate (also thanks to the use of Google Ads extensions );
reduce the number of tests require to date to identify the best performing creativity with a view to optimization by advertisers.

If you want to receive more information on this and evaluate the implementation of these new features in your campaigns, do not hesitate to contact us.

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