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Best Metal bar stools 24 inch Reviews In 2022

Just like island lighting, there are tons of options available when your search for the Best Metal bar stools. From upholstered chairs to wooden seats, there are a lot of choices.

But unlike a real bar, you want to have something more comfortable in your kitchen. For example, a bar stool with cushion and back support seats you comfortably for long hours so your friends can chit chat on for hours without missing the home chef. So how to decide which is the best material for bar stool? Also, which barstool design goes well in what type of kitchen island decor? To ease your search we’ve picked up some of the best bar stool for the kitchen island. Check out the below reviews to find out which design suits best on your island.

How to choose Bar Stool for Your Kitchen Island or Countertop?

Here is a video tutorial talking about bar stool features and how to make an informed decision while you are out for buying your kitchen bar stools.

Features To Consider With Bar Stools


There are two aspects to consider when you are looking at the material of the best bar stools.

Firstly, what the frame is made from. This tends to be either metal or solid wood, both of which are highly durable, although metal will give you a higher weight capacity.

Secondly, you need to look at the seat itself. If you are not worried about any cushioning, or if you plan to add your own cushions, then a metal or wooden seat will be perfectly adequate – you can select whichever look suits your home décor best. However, if you want to have more comfortable seats, then you should opt for a product with more padding.

Padding usually takes the form of thick foam, covered in either leather, PVC/faux leather, or vinyl. Vinyl is very durable, is stain resistant, and can be easily cleaned. It is also available in many colors.

Leather is another easy to clean option that doesn’t rip and creates a comfortable look and feel in your home, although it can be the most expensive option. Faux leather or PVC gives you a more affordable alternative to leather and, if you select good quality PU leather, it is almost as good as the real thing.


You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting the design of the best bar stools and a lot of the decision comes down to personal preference.

If you plan to sit on the bar stools for long periods of time, perhaps for regular dinners then you can find those with cushions, backrests, and armrests. These are more like elevated armchairs.

For occasional use, or if you are tight on space, then more simple backless designs can tuck away under the table or counter.

Aesthetically you will also have the option of choosing a more vintage look, or a modern, minimalist design, so you can select one that matches the decor of your dining area.


The height of a bar stool is usually around 28-30inches; however, the height you need will depend on how tall your table is. If you have a counter height of 32inches, you are going to need a stool that is several inches smaller to give you adequate legroom. Always be sure to check measurements of your furniture fully before purchasing. And, when you choose a bar stool, make sure that that height quoted is from the seat to the floor, not the height of the back or arms.

If you plan to move your stool around or want them to fit no matter what counter you have, then selecting one of the best bar stools with an adjustable seat will be a great choice.

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