Best Oster Blender Reviews and Buying Guide for 2022

How To Use Best Oster Blender Reviews and Buying Guide for 2022

Best Oster Blender offer an impressive assortment of features, some of which overlap with those of the standard food processor. With that said, a blender and a food processor are separate appliances with distinct differences. More than anything, the differences boil down to the types of ingredients they can handle and the types of textures they can achieve.

Blenders are designed to mix liquids, softer foods, and ice. They’re most often used to make soups, smoothies, salad dressings, pureed baby food, and cocktails. Some people also use a blender to mix cake batter and certain types of textured sauces, like hollandaise and Alfredo.

Jar or bottle capacity

Before you begin comparing Oster blenders, assess your needs. If you cook large amounts of food, it’s worth investing in an Oster blender with a large-capacity jar between 48 and 64 ounces.

Blending jar materials

The blending jars of Oster blenders are made of the company’s trademarked Boroclass Glass or BPA-free plastic. Each material has its pros and cons. Boroclass Glass jars are sturdy and resist scratching, thermal shock, and staining, but may break if dropped. Plastic jars are lightweight and typically found on more affordable models. However, the plastic may scratch, stain, or leach over time.

Ease of cleaning

Most Oster blenders feature dishwasher-safe glass and stainless steel components. Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t have a dishwasher, pay close attention to the design of the jug and stainless steel parts. While most designs are relatively easy to hand wash, the jugs of some Oster blenders have hard-to-reach crevices that require a bit more cleaning effort. POPULAR OSTER BLENDER FUNCTIONS


Depending on the model, Oster blenders offer between one and eight intensity settings and various speed settings. Personal and travel blenders offer one to two settings, and most mid-range models have up to five settings. Oster’s expensive, pro-grade blenders often have an adjustable knob to provide customized blend intensity.

Ice crushing

Some Oster blenders are capable of blending ice. Others come equipped with an ice crushing button. The blades in an Oster blender that can crush ice tend to be sharper. If you choose a model that blends but doesn’t crush ice, consider crushing the ice prior to blending it to prolong the integrity of the blades.

Frozen drinks

If you’re a fan of frozen drinks, there are several Oster blenders on the market to suit your needs. These blenders have a dedicated button for mixing margaritas, smoothies, and chilled protein beverages. Oster blenders in this category often have a lid with a spout for easy, spill-free pouring.

Unique consistencies

If you’d like a well-rounded Oster blender that shoulders more responsibility than the average blender, invest in one that is capable of achieving specific consistencies. Certain models can blend dips, spreads, and baby food. There are some Oster blenders that have food processor attachments that can dice fruits and vegetables to make salsa and other dishes with finely chopped ingredients.

If you think your Oster blender jug or bottle is leaking, take the entire apparatus apart and put it back together. Perform a small test blend with water. If the leak persists, contact Oster directly to see whether it’s covered under warranty.

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