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Best Tools That Format Your Dissertation Properly

Being a successful student requires you to have the power to construct a solid dissertation proposal and an impressive dissertation to win the supervisor’s heart. Though the task is not as easy as it seems to be, the students face many problems, which made them opt for the best dissertation writing service. Here are the few main problems faced by the students. 


  • In many cases, students cannot join the dots of the information to link with the center point of the dissertation.
  • Poor grammar and small dictionary of the vocabulary.
  • Less subject knowledge and unclear concepts.
  • Short space of time in hand to work on the lengthy dissertation writing.

Many other reasons made the students feel demotivated to work on the dissertations and feel like impossible to sketch out a perfect dissertation without any help. (Vos, L., & Armstrong, K. (2019). However, this shouldn’t be a big issue. As of now, there are excellent tools that can help you in working on the dissertation writing tasks. Here is a list that will make it easy for you to choose any one from it and make your dissertation shine bright without knocking on the door of your friends and family.

  • Evernote

It is evident that during writing a dissertation, you will be taking notes of all the research that you will be extracting through the online platforms and the classroom lectures. The notes are not necessarily written ones. It could be a picture note or a video one as well. Keeping all types of notes organized and maintained, you need to enter every note for this purpose.

We can call Evernote the note-taking application to help you take notes in various formats and types. It is ok to say that the application will more carefully organize your notes than yourself. Also, you can synchronize all the data at any time from your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

  • Dragon Anywhere

The student usually gets tired before the end of their academic assignment. (Dortch, D. (2016).  This happens when academic writing assignments are all lined up back to back. However, keeping this problem in mind, the application of dragons anywhere has allowed the students to relax while working on their assignments, but how are both possible simultaneously? Remember! Everything is possible if you have the will to make it go through.

The Dragon Anywhere allows you to speak all that you want to write. Still, your fingers and body are too tired to work on the computer and type everything you feel like incorporating into your assignment. When you speak the content, the application will start typing all the words you say. This application favors sketching down our thinking on paper more quickly by speaking rather than typing it with your own efforts.

  • Off time

It is likely to happen in most situations where you leave your assignment writing mid-way due to the emerging distractions. The distractions involve popping up notifications on your phone, a random text message that is of no use, or even an anonymous friend request; these things are the real distractions when using the phone for your dissertation writing.

However, the solution to this problem is right there in your pocket! You can use the time to eliminate all the distractions coming your way and be the catastrophe to excel in your academic assignment. You will block all the distractions by getting your hands on the off time. The off-time not only blocks the distractions but also understands your concerns about emergency situations, which is why it allows you to set the emergency contacts that can call or text you even in the existence of this app. The Off time also sets a time to keep the distractions blocked and weekly analyze your performance.

  • Mendeley

If you have invested most of your time and efforts in writing a flawless dissertation and even successfully achieving your goal. You have finally presented your dissertation’s high-quality research and content, but why did you still lose your academic grades? Do you know the reason behind it? The reason for losing the marks even after working with perfection is that being careless about referencing and citation is crucial for every dissertation writing.

Whereas the application of Mendeley understands your situation and works accordingly to keep the note of the references and citation that needs to be a part of your dissertation. The application is free and capable enough to deal with all types of referencing; you just need to drop down your file on Mendeley and all the minor citations you have added to it; the application will format and complete the referencing work.

  • Free mind

The need to use this application happens, especially when you are writing the literature review. When writing a literature review, you need to go through some long theories, frameworks, and material to incorporate in an aligned method. Still, it becomes inconvenient for the person to connect the dots and reach the main point with big banks of things. Also, writing down and creating a map on paper is one old theory that students used in the old times and is considered ineffective today.

Though the mapping in mind is an effective way of aligning the elements. Since the free mind is there in your surroundings, you don’t even need to burden your mind as you will get access to a fantastic platform for constructing a mind map on a computer that is effective and best fit for the purpose of dissertation writing.


These are the best tools that can be your ultimate solution to all the problems related to dissertation writing. However, the doors for choosing the alternatives are never closed for you. For example, you can hire dissertation formatting writers to leave all the formatting and editing tasks on the shoulders of experienced writers who can customize your work as per your need.

Whereas, if you feel like using any of these applications to perfectly format the dissertation, remember to pick out the one that goes with your specified requirements. Though all of these tools and other top-notch tools apart from these are the error-free platforms that just wish to maintain the customers’ trust and guide them the best way to get rid of the problem.


Vos, L., & Armstrong, K. (2019). Context and process challenges associated with supervising postgraduate dissertations: An example from marketing. The International Journal of Management Education, 17(1), 47-61.

Dortch, D. (2016). The strength from within: A phenomenological study examining the academic self-efficacy of African American women in doctoral studies. The Journal of Negro Education, 85(3), 350-364.

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