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Boost your Google ranking by smart SEO strategy with high potential

Build quality traffic for your website with Boost your Google ranking by adopting best SEO tactics

Just like other SEO tactics the technical SEO of your site is equally important to improve your rankings on major search engines. However, the strategy can be quite complex and you may easily take the wrong direction or find yourself in a blind alley if you don’t work strategically. In this post, we will explain the some best seo strategy and actionable tips to improve your ranking. We will also talk about the interplay between off-page, on-page, and technical SEO for best benefits:


What is technical SEO?

Let’s start with this question as you should first understand the definition before working on your site’s technical SEO. So, in short, technical SEO refers to optimizing different technical aspects of your website as per the latest SEO guidelines/algorithms with an objective to improve your site’s ranking.


It is always better to keep technical SEO in mind when creating your website as it will save you from any future issues. However, many times it might not be possible or you may decide to change your site’s architecture which may not necessarily be SEO-friendly. That said you are never too late to repair this issue. For that you need to have a clear understanding about how you can enhance your technical SEO to gain a better ranking on Google. So, here are some tips that will take you nearer to your ranking goals by following technical SEO guidelines:


Use right tools for complete technical SEO analysis

Conducting a detailed technical SEO analysis is a very difficult task and you may find it humanely impossible to streamline this task due to the complexity involved and high accuracy required. However, there are several sophisticated tools to improve the technical SEO of your website. Such tools automatically crawl your entire site, identify the major technical SEO issues and offer you an auto-generated report delivered right into your inbox. You can use the yes report to design the best strategy for improving your site’s technical SEO.


Start with free trial versions

You might be quite concerned about the relevance of these tools before investing in them. The good news is that many such tools offer you free trial options that you can first measure the performance and then make an informed decision on buying the full-fledged premium version.

For instance, you can use SEMrush’s free trial valid for one month. Once you complete the registers, click on the field Add new project and provide the required particulars about your project. Now click setup site audit. It also allows you to select the total pages to be crawled. After selecting its parameters click on start the audit.


Rely on reputed SEO tools only

It is always best to invest incredible brands and high-quality tools like Semrush streamlines the technical SEO process. Most of the reputed SEO agencies use SEMRush for auditing and getting precise suggestions.

Semrush not only crawls and identifies the major issues with technical SEO but also preset those in an easy, eye-friendly format that allows you to quickly differentiate between the type and intensity of such issues. For instance, you can see the warnings, issues, and errors. What’s more, the tool also offers precise recommendations on how to fix any specific issue.


Internal linking is important to pass on SEO juice

While the external backlinks strategy does play a key role in improving your site’s reputation and authority, you also need to make sure that the higher ranking phrases of your site should pass n the SEO benefit to low ranking pages. The internal lining is the name of the solution for your concern. In this strategy, you create contextual links on high-ranking pages that take visitors to another webpage upon clicking. Just like external links make sure that the internal links also sound natural and organic


Use right keywords in ALT image text

While adding visual material can significantly increase the value of your blog post you also need o concentrate on the technical part of Images. Did you know that Images not only enhance the visual impression of your site but also empower you to significantly improve the SEO? For instance, you can create a compelling Alt text and try contextually adding focus keywords into that.



You need a solid SEO strategy to improve your site rankings on Google and increase your visibility. It will attract more traffic on your site and as a result you can expect higher conversion rate. However, for that you need to diligently work on your SEO strategy. Your objective is to build a robust SEO strategy that is capable of producing tangible and sustainable results with reasonable time. It is also important to periodically upgrade your SEO strategy to ensure that it aligns with the latest search engine guidelines.


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