Bring a twist to your outfit with serape tops.

Do you know what serape tops are? Serape tops have colorful stripes on them. It is popular in tops, but serape design is also followed in sleeves or trousers. Men originally wore serapes, while women serape tops are similar to woven blanket-like garments called rebozos or huipiles.

Outfit ideas for teenage girls
Teenage girls are always fond of new fashion. They always want them to be up-to-date with the time to keep themselves according to the style. In the summer season, the girls prefer sleeves or short sleeves shirts. Whereas, in winter full-sleeve sweatshirt is comfier. Here are some cool outfit ideas for teenage girls to wear in their daily routine or at parties:
1. V-neck serape tops
Somehow, V-neck is more comfortable to wear in summer. So, many girls style themselves up with V-neck serape tops with black jeans and some decent jewelry.

2. Serape stole
Serape does not only come in tops, but there is much other stuff to wear, like serape stole, mufflers, jackets, pants, and more. Wearing a serape muffler with a casual one-color outfit gives you a stunning look.

3. Raglan serape t-shirt
A plain black raglan t-shirt and serape sleeves give you a perfect fancy look. Besides that, if you are not a black color, you can even buy it in any other color. Like white, purple, green, pink, and purple, these all colors go with raglan serape t-shirts.

How to wear an oversize serape tops
Styling an oversize top can be comfortable and chic. Find more versatility in one garment than you have ever had before.
1. Wear it as a dress
Wearing a big long serape top as a dress creates an appealing look.

2. Never go with denim.
Blue jeans are always a solid option, regardless of your fit. Denim serves as a complement to the oversize top while accentuating your figure. Add texture by pairing with ripped or acid-washed jeans.

3. Rock the sporty look with leggings or yoga pants
Filled bottoms go great with any oversize top. However, if you want to give yourself a creative look, try experimenting with boldly colored or printed design pants to add a little or a lot of personality to your outfit.

4. Stay comfortable with joggers.
If you want to keep the comfort from head to toe, choose sweatpants that are slimmer fitting and tapered at the ankles.

Different styles with serape tops
A serape looks like a blanket-like shawl, often made from wool, which drapes around the shoulders. Ordinarily, I avoid wearing any thread, including cashmere and mohair, because it irritates me. Therefore, it came as a fantastic surprise to find that this mohair does not scratch.

1. Style it with casual jeans
It is a very casual and cozy look and one that I will revisit over and over again. A serape is the best for popping over jeans and wellies for an autumn walk.

2. Serape with jeans and a blazer
Camel-colored serape is understated and elegant and is an excellent neutral which can be teamed classically, for example, with navy. Just imagine it, though, with leopard print or pale blue. There are very few colors or patterns that camel does not work with, so this would be an excellent investment.

3. Serape with a casual autumn dress
Do you know when the weather is changeable, it can be challenging to know what to wear as an outer layer? A layer of serape is less confining than a jacket and can be draped loosely around the shoulders and pulled tighter when required. It is also easier to carry than a jacket if the sun puts in an appearance.

4. Serape with a bright dress
A serape in a darker color such as navy or black is ideal for teaming with a smart for an evening look.

5. Serape with a belt
It is a little unexpected, but it is elegant, not a word one would usually associate with wearing a woolen blanket! The key to styling a serape with a belt is to keep the bottom half slim and near. It would not work as well with a dress because there would be too much fabric.

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