Busting Ruby on Rails Myths and Misconceptions

Programming languages helped people to accomplish their work with ease. For instance, if anyone wants to get their website designed, they can select the most appropriate web development language to start with. Besides C# and PHP, Ruby on Rails is gaining higher popularity over the years.

However, many IT professionals advocate the benefits of Ruby on Rails (RoR) for website development in different regions of the world. Further, various successful startups, including Yellow Pages, SlideShare, Shopify, and many more, encourage entrepreneurs to use this RoR for their projects.

Nevertheless, the language was initially designed to keep the programmers happy while working. Due to this, business owners prefer to have the services of ruby-on-rails firms for their upcoming business initiatives.

What is Ruby on Rails?

RoR is a framework used to develop different web codes efficiently to save time and effort. It is among the variously available frameworks that are intended for web applications development. It comprises an extensive collection of ready-made code modules and libraries, which makes the RoR a powerful programming language.

Busting Myths about Ruby on Rails (RoR)

There is no denying that RoR is an amazingly crafted language to ensure a balanced approach to website development.

The language has successfully proven to be the easiest way of coding. But various misconceptions are shrouding it, which is causing disappointment on the part of people. The article is aimed at revealing the truth by nullifying the ruby on rails myths:

RoR is an extremely slow programming language.

Many people consider it a slow language because it is less famous than other languages. It might be why people don’t have a personalized experience of using RoR, and therefore, they don’t have an idea about language performance.

However, this statement has no truth because ruby on rails is a highly robust high-level programming language. The language has many pre-built modules that help the programmers accomplish their work quickly.

Further, the loading time of RoR is incredibly fast, similar to other languages. The automated code testing module makes the language speedier to be tested. Therefore, it is not a slow language.

Ruby on Rails crashes 450 times in a day.

Can you believe in the authenticity of a language that crashes this many times? There is no truth in the given statement. It has been asked to various entrepreneurs who are using the language successfully for their startups and validated that RoR is trustworthy.

However, it is imperative to note that Ruby on Rails does not crash suddenly or restart. But in case of any bug or virus is found in the system – it activates the code red priority to fix it.

Ruby on Rails is exceptionally costly.

It has been heard from many people that RoR incurs a higher cost which is not under the reach of new business entrants and others. Further, it has been established that Ruby on Rails is comparatively expensive when it comes to designing, developing, and retaining websites which is a misconception, not a truth.

On the other hand, RoR is considered a highly cost-effective language. It has encouraged many business people to look for appropriate services from ruby on rails development firms in Dubai for their web applications.

Takes away:

As far as how long the people expect to get everything for free. They will remain in the larch of myths and misconceptions. It is imperative to understand that everything in this world comes with a price with few benefits and risks. So, be ready to pay the price and face the risks to enjoy the perks of ruby on rails!

Kieran Edwards

Kieran Edwards is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to WishPostings, Tekrati, TIM Blog, ExploreInsiders, and many other blogs. He writes about technology, finance, travel, marketing, and business.

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