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Cake smash photography – Ideas to make it memorable.

Are you having a kid and planning to do a photo session of your toddler

Are you having a kid and planning to do a photo session of your toddler? It would help if you tried cake smash photography. Somehow, it is a messy idea, but at the same time, it is joyful too. 

Kids are presented with a cake to eat or smash in this cake smash photography. Cake smash photography is a fun way to celebrate your baby’s milestone in turning one. But, to get it done, you must look for cake smash photography near me as the mood of the toddlers spoil so fast.   

Who does the cake smash photography? 

Generally, cake smash photography is done by newborn baby photographers. As they better know how to deal with babies or make them pose. It is hard to make babies pose for such a long time; only a professional can do this. Even though some photographers include the cake as part of their cake smash services, parents bring it on their own for health reasons. 

Ideas for a better cake smash session

Cake smash photography is a great way to capture that curiosity and the expression that comes with it. In addition, the cake itself is often new to babies at this age which lends itself to the perfect setup to capture that curiosity, exploration, and delight.  

Here are some of the ideas through which you can make your cake smash photography even much more memorable: 

  • Theme Planning

When you are planning a cake smash photo session, firstly discuss the vision of the shoot with your photographer. It will ensure that both are on the same page for the day of the cake smash session. 

  • Capture some basic shots

Capture some regular portraits of the baby before you introduce the cake! It is excellent for those shots where the baby is clean and eager to dig in! 

  • Make baby pose

Have parents place the baby down behind the cake while you are already in place with the camera, so you do not miss the first moment of cuteness. You can also get a few shots with the parents smiling off the side. It may make for a perfect family photo to add to your gallery. 

  • Accessories

Have the cake on an adorable cake stand if possible. You can also ask the parents if they have any accessories they would like to include in the session. You will also want to discuss all color options before the session. 

  • Outdoor or indoor

The great thing about cake smashes is they can be as complex or straightforward regarding the location as you and the parents desire. Try a simple roll of seamless paper indoor, blank, or minimal decor—an elaborate scene with custom-themed items or a simple outdoor arrangement featuring only the baby and cake.

  • Parents assistance

Have parents help clap, sing and dance behind the camera. Babies like parents since they are familiar with them! If the baby is a walker, he may get up and run off the set. Remind the parent how helpful it is if they can relocate the baby to the location. That way, you can stay stationed with the camera ready to capture. 

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