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People are generally on the fence when it comes to locksmiths, whether they are concerned about the security of their house or company. On the other hand, a professional locksmith in Dubai can help you save time and money while securely safeguarding your home. How can you know which one you can trust? Here are a few considerations to assist you in making the best decision.

Investigation of a person’s reputation

Don’t pick up the phone and dial the first number you see. Take some time to study the locksmith and see what other people have to say about them. Yes, their corporate website is likely to contain excellent reviews.

Check out third-party review sites for the good, terrible, and ugly if you want to be certain. A few bad reviews compared to dozens of favorable ones indicate that the dissatisfied reviewers were the exception rather than the rule.

Before you hire get some recommendations

We live in a digital age when everyone is just a text or phone call away. As a result, getting references before calling a local locksmith is recommended. If you have any personal recommendations for a locksmith who provides amazing services at a fair price. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers.


As implausible as it may sound, there exist businesses that make misleading claims about their qualifications. Depending on the qualifications, you might perform some internet research to see whether the locksmith is indeed accredited. Because this takes time, most individuals only perform it when considering a lock update. Rather than in an emergency such as a house lockout.

Professionals from the area

If you need assistance from a locksmith, be sure they provide a local number rather than a call center number. Call centers are notorious for subcontracting work to just about any locksmith in your region. These locksmiths don’t always hold the same standards.

Enquire with a friend

There’s no substitute for firsthand knowledge. As a result, if you know someone who has recently used a locksmith, inquire about their experience. If they’re happy, ask for their locksmith’s name or phone number and call them in confidence.

Avoid bargains that seem too good to be true

When something appears too good to be true, it almost always is! This low-cost marketing strategy, is like today’s classic clickbait. When the costs are so cheap, the possibilities of getting scams are exceedingly great.

Obtain estimates

This is related to the previous guideline about not accepting the first quotation you get. It’s a good idea to get quotes from at least three locksmiths in your region before making a decision. Many locksmiths overpay for even the most basic services, which is why you should compare rates and ask questions.

Warranty on the Product

Locksmiths not only repair your broken locks but also install and maintain them. A warranty is required for each new product if something goes wrong. Similarly, locksmiths provide a warranty for their used locks, ensuring that your purchase is worthwhile.

The locksmith may request identification and fill out an authorisation form. It would help if you weren’t concerned; this is a sign of a reliable expert. Before commencing the service. They should ask for identity and extra information to ensure that you are the true owner of the property or vehicle.

Confirm their location

Many individuals now use Google Maps to find nearby services. This may be useful when looking for anything specific, such as a local pharmacy or a dentist. When it comes to services like locksmiths, though, you should double-check.

The address mentioned is the physical address of the locksmith you’re phoning. Check their website for an actual address, and be wary of locksmiths that supply a P.O. Box.

Obtain a written estimate by filling out the form below.

Before starting your project, a reputable company will gladly provide you with a written quote. Unexpected conditions may arise, but a professional should know how likely this is and how to fine-tune them wisely. If you don’t acquire a written estimate, your locksmith may get away with cheating.

Pay for Advertising

It’s crucial to be wary of organisations that pay a big sum merely to appear at the top of your Google search results. Exactly like those enormous advertisements on the yellow pages. These locksmiths may charge substantially more than the locksmiths, they may not be as good.

However, it’s worth giving them a call to see whether they headquarter your area. You can get quotations from these locksmiths and compare them to a few other locksmiths’ pricing to be sure.

In-depth knowledge of the industry

Make sure you choose the greatest locksmith you can find, one who has extensive expertise and hasn’t been in business for more than a month. Their expertise will establish their trustworthiness, and you will be able to complete your assignment fast. It will save you time and give you peace of mind knowing that an expert is handling the process.

Furthermore, established firms employ the greatest locksmiths and the most up-to-date machinery. It opposes newcomers who may lack the necessary equipment or knowledge to tackle any difficult situation.

Online reviews might be beneficial.

Go online to find out which locksmith businesses are in your area and what kind of feedback they’re getting from customers. You can check their customer reviews and client ratings to get a sense of their expertise and quality of work. This will come in handy when you’re seeking a skilled locksmith.

Check Rates and charging policies

Always choose locksmiths that charge fairly and provide high-quality service. Before confirming the contract, check the locksmith’s rate and compare it to the web pricing list. You do not have to pay an unnecessarily high fee for minor actions.


You can always be sure that you will get the greatest service at the cheapest costs if you consider these vital recommendations. Please make certain that the locksmith Dubai you hire is prepared to back up their services with a guarantee. Also, never allow them to urge you into making costly improvements if you don’t want to. Like so many other things in life, your gut feeling is your most precious asset.


Kurtuba Locks Repairing & Key Cutting was established in 1991. We’re proud to be a leading locksmith company offering a complete range of locksmith services to commercial and residential clients throughout Dubai like Dubai Marina, JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Business Bay, Springs, JLT, jvc, jvt, Sheikh Zaid Road and other. 24 hour emergency Locksmith services available including weekends and holidays. When you need us, we’re there! Our main goal is to provide professional, efficient and reliable locksmith services at competitive rates. From commercial to residential locksmith issues, we handle every single project with care and close attention to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and great results.

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