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Cochlear Implant in Pakistan

Cochlear Implant

A cochlear implant program was initiated in Lahore in August 2000, in partnership with the Manchester team of cochlear implant specialists. Since there are no government resources available in Pakistan, the cost of cochlear implants is borne by the candidates and their families. So far, 52 individuals have been implanted, including 44 children and eight adults. Among the children, the main aetiological factor was congenital deafness. The implants were carried out with Med-El Combi 40+ devices.

As the cost of a cochlear implant in Lahore is relatively high, it is best to schedule the procedure as early as possible. The best time to have the procedure performed is when the child is three years old. This is the optimal age to maximize the benefits of the implant and help the child develop speech and auditory skills. Besides, a child’s development is also enhanced at a younger age.

Cost of Implant

Cochlear implant cost In Pakistan run up to $14,000, so it’s important to have the funds to pay for it. This procedure is not covered by health insurance. To get a cochlear implant, patients must be poor and deserving. The state must provide funding to cover the cost. Applicants must apply through the Bait ul Mal website and fill a questionnaire.

A cochlear implant is a small electronic device that electrically stimulates the cochlear nerve to improve hearing. The process is simple but requires a lot of preparation. Ideally, the cochlear implant should be done at a child’s age of three years old. The younger the child is, the greater its benefits and the more the child will develop their speech and auditory skills.

State-Funded Program

The LCIP is a state-funded program that provides the funding needed to fund the surgery. The program has been a success in Lahore, and the process has benefited many people. The LCIP has helped the community in many ways, including raising awareness about cochlear implants. Despite the difficulties. The program has been implemented effectively in Pakistan. It has also received extensive media coverage.

The quality of cochlear implants in Karachi has a higher capacity than a natural hearing aid. The device is often more expensive than a natural hearing, but it works better than a hearing aid. A cochlear implant in Lahoré can restore the normal function of a patient’s auditory system. During the first few weeks after surgery, it is important to take the time to recover from the surgery and to begin the rehabilitation process.

Life-Changing Experience

A Cochlear implants procedure is a life-changing experience for both patients and their families. The procedure involves the use of a small electronic device to stimulate the cochlear nerve and improve hearing. In addition to counseling and cochlear implants surgery. The procedure includes follow-ups, counseling, and therapy.

The cochlear implant procedure in Lahore was an important milestone for a mother of a child with hearing loss. The cochlear implant is a life-changing procedure for both patients and their families and is an excellent choice for people with hearing problems.

Quality of the Device

The quality of cochlear implants is different from the quality of natural hearing. Although it improves hearing in some cases. It is still far from perfect, and the quality of the device is not as good as the original one. Khan had to undergo extensive training in the United Kingdom to get cochlear implants in Karachi, Pakistan.

Dr. Najam’s Hearing Clinic was founded in 2002 by Dr. Najam ul Haq that provides major ear surgeries in Pakistan. Dr. Najam’s Hearing Clinic provides free hearing aids and speech therapy to patients with severe hearing problems. There are many risks associated with cochlear implant surgery. Including the need for new batteries every few months. A patient will need to undergo a number of tests before the procedure to ensure that the device is working properly. Once the procedure has been performing the patient will need to take care of the device.

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