Common DIY Sprinkler System Installations Mistakes

Common DIY Sprinkler System Installations Mistakes

Upgrading or sprinkler system installations Leander for your lawn and flower beds is a wise investment. You will enjoy many perks. It can include a vibrant landscape, a healthy yard, and regular watering schedules. However, if you plan to DIY this type of project, it is not the best choice to make.

There are many professional sprinkler services in Leander. You might think saving some extra money is worth it, but incorrectly installing any part will be expensive. To save you from hassle, we have listed some of the people’s common mistakes when they take this on themselves.

  • Digging Without Checking

Electrical lines and essential gas lead to and from your home throughout the yard. If you take on sprinkler installation in Leander yourself, you could dig too deep or close to these lines. Cutting a gas line is quite dangerous and can potentially put your entire neighbourhood at risk. Moreover, you could get electrocuted or electrify your sprinkler system without even this something. Therefore, you should not take this into your own hands and leave the installation process to the professionals.

  • Trench Depth

Making the pipe trenches too deep or shallow is another major mistake people make when installing the sprinkler system themselves. Generally, the trenches should be about 7 inches deep but not more than 10 inches. If you are laying the pipes for your sprinkler system in a shallower than 7 inches trench, you are at the risk of cracking it under the weight of anything left on the lawn surface. However, if the pipe is more than 10 inches below the surface, it will be quite difficult to tell if it is leaking or broken.

  • Watering Grass and Flowers Together

For saving some extra bucks, one might aim the same sprayers at the trees, flower beds and lawns. However, this can be one thing that has the potential of killing both your hours and grass. Trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers have deep root systems that are sufficiently spread. So, they don’t require as much watering as your grass; the former can pull it from multiple directions. Therefore avoid overwatering your flowers and focus primarily on watering the grass.

  • Sprinkler Head Zone Operation

Using different sprinkler heads in the same zone is one of the major mistakes you can make when you DIY the installation of a sprinkler system. Different sprinkler heads have different precipitation rates. Using different ones in the same zone will result in dry spots on your lawn. Moreover, you could also end up zoning your lawn incorrectly. This will cause significant run-off or overflowing in some places. If this is the case, you will have to spend more time and money troubleshooting and making those fixes.

These are some common DIY mistakes people make while installing a sprinkler system. Now that you know where and what can go wrong, we are sure you are even more committed to doing it right. However, if you’re in the Leander area and you need a little help with your sprinkler system installation, it is best to call in the professionals for this job.


Fall is an ideal time for sprinkler system installation in Leander. This is because the soft ground and the lawn gets ample time to adjust and recover from winter. This also implies that you will have some experience with your new sprinkler system, and it will be ready for spring. However, we don’t suggest you do this yourself. Rather give a call to the Sprinkler Services in Leander. They have a team of experts who are more than capable of the zone in your lawn and avoiding all common mistakes DIYers make.

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