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Complete information about the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) course

BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) is a high-level business-related course. The objective of this course is to provide knowledge about complex concepts related to the business world like economics, finance, operations, accounts, etc. In this course, students are made to study subjects like Business Economics, Business Ethics, Marketing Strategies, etc. And there are many specializations available under this course, which you can choose from and take your career to heights. If you want to go into these fields, then a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration may be the best option for you.

Introduction to BBA Course

BBA means “Bachelor of Business Administration”. And which in Hindi means graduation in business management. BBA course is studied after 12th. This is a graduation course. And specialization can be selected in the second year of the BBA course. There are 3 main specializations in BBA: Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource Management. BBA includes subjects like Business Mathematics, Business Economics, Business Organization, Business Accounting, and Systems. The BBA course is for 3 years consisting of six semesters. 

Why do BBA courses?

When it comes to choosing the right bachelor’s course, there are many options available to you. Whether you are planning to study abroad or in India, you will find that courses like BBA, BCom, etc are often studied by the students. Why do most students select to study BBA courses? Some reasons for explaining it are given below, from which you can easily understand it-

Enhancing Knowledge Base:- 

BBA is a popular force in the field of administration which can be easily combined with the specialization of your choice. Along with learning insights related to business management and accounting, you can also learn branding and marketing.

Personality Development:- 

Taking up a trending course like BBA will help you to have an edge over others as this course aims to impart essential skills to the students which help in enhancing their personality traits.

Career Opportunities:- 

BBA graduates have always been in demand in the corporate industry. After completing the BBA course, you can easily find your place in leading job profiles in reputed organizations.

Benefits of doing BBA:

Here you are being told about the benefits of doing BBA, which are as follows.

  • After doing BBA you can do a job in the government sector and IT industry.
  • And you get to learn a lot of corporate activities from the BBA course.
  • After doing the BBA course, you get such ability so that you can easily start your business in the coming time.
  • And if you want to do MBA after BBA then it is beneficial for you, after that, you get employment opportunities in many great fields.

BBA course syllabus:

Following are the topics of the BBA syllabus:

  • Financial management
  • Principal of marketing
  • Human resource management
  • Global Competencies and Personality Development
  • Supply chain management
  • Basics of Rural Development
  • Business law
  • Business Statistics
  • Business maths
  • Business Accounting

BBA course duration:

The BBA course is for 3 years consisting of six semesters. There are many colleges in India that conduct the exam only 3 times during these 3 years, which means there is no semester system. Every semester you have both practical and theoretical classes, and at the end of the semester, you have to take both practical and theory exams. And many colleges give you the opportunity to specialize in the third year, i.e. during the 5th semester and 6th semester.

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