Considerations To Make When Installing Hoardings That Can Boost Your Career Within 6-8 Months – Find Out Now

According to studies, the loss of materials, equipment, tools, and other materials on construction hoardings sites accounts for about a two percent increase in the total cost of construction. In the majority of cases, the losses are caused by theft.

Thus, perimeter fencing is a sensible option to increase the construction site’s security as it can reduce vandalism and theft. Temporary fencing on construction sites will stop intrusions into your premises and will ensure the safety of the construction materials.

One of the biggest issues with the trespassers is that they may become injured while on-site, which could lead to legal proceedings. Since we’ve established the necessity of fencing on construction sites.

The Following Factors When Selecting The Appropriate Fencing

The Area Of The Site

The most important aspect is the dimension or size of the construction space. When you think about the size it’s easy to budget your expenses accordingly.

As an example, you can locate the perfect fence that meets the requirements of your site with a budget in your head. But, you could order an exact type of fence with the wrong measurements but then discover that it exceeds your budget way beyond what you planned.

Space To Load

Consider your cargo space for all trucks that deliver materials on site. The fencing on the construction site needs to be constructed with a wide access point that can accommodate huge trucks’ entrances and exits. It is also essential to provide enough room for the trucks to move around when off-loading the construction materials.

Safety Of The Road

This is only relevant for construction hoarding that is located near public pedestrians and motorways. What fencing material you pick must not cause harm to pedestrians or vehicles on the road. It shouldn’t interfere with the flow of traffic.

For example, the gates at your construction site must be able to swing inwards, not outwards in order to not interfere with traffic that is outside the gate. Make sure that the fence doesn’t occupy any open space, and place safety signs on the fence to warn motorists of the potential risks from the area. The importance of hoardings on the site should be the first consideration for your construction project

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is a clear example of the duty of care for every construction company and site managers are accountable, and that is to take all reasonable measures to ensure that employees, as well as the general public, are protected from dangers of construction.

Hoarding is a vital aspect of this. Not only does it safeguard construction workers from debris from outside and debris, but it also shields the general public from the construction site and vehicles and allows for authorized access to the site only.

Construction Design And Management Regulations

The Health and Safety Executive created the hoarding Design and Management Guidelines. They comprise five distinct sections that cover construction projects as well as general specifications on construction sites. Construction hoardings are adorned with signs that identify who have access to the site on them.

Are There Height Restrictions For Hoardings In Construction?

The recommended hoarding height is 2.4m but the minimum height of 2 meters is suitable for the majority of construction locations. For construction sites in urban areas or where children may be trying to gain access by gaining access, high-security hoarding or a fence with high security (both 3m) may be better.

Stopping Access To Unauthorised Persons

While the height of hoarding can help to block access by unauthorized persons the hoarding must make it difficult to scale. So, it must have no footholds or handholds, or gaps beneath. Our construction hoarding made of PVC-U is free of footholds and handholds or gaps. Therefore, it is legal.

Why Branding Panels Are Very Popular On Construction Sites

Panels for branding on construction sites are trending and becoming sought-after due to their capacity to promote products. The majority of construction sites and structures are subject to large amounts of traffic both on foot and in cars.

This provides the company with an opportunity to advertise its products efficiently to the general public for a reasonable price. Additionally, hoarding printing helps in concealing the ugly appearance of the place.

All in all, adding hoarding signs to any construction location is a great method of increasing brand awareness and drawing more customers to the company. In this article, we will go over certain elements of branding signage, from its advantages to its best use. Let’s begin by understanding:

What Is The Reason For Using Hoarding Boards On Construction Sites Growing In Popularity?

Redesigning and building renovations have become more commonplace. Construction-related work is taking place throughout the globe. This means that these construction sites are an ideal platform for companies to showcase their services and products.

The importance of branding has grown into an essential part of the marketing strategies of large corporations. They don’t want to miss every opportunity to improve their image as a brand in the public. Therefore, these companies utilize the spaces on construction sites to showcase their products, or simply put their logo on the location to draw in passers-by.

Other than the brand’s signs real estate agent signs can be found on construction sites. Construction sites are an ideal location to place real estate ads. Certain contractors may even mark the location with informational signs for example

What Are The Benefits Of Using Signage Boards?

There are many reasons that make construction sites ideal for the installation of hoarding boards. The advantages these projects offer are:

  • Construction hoardings can be a fantastic option to promote your business for a reasonable price.
  • Outdoor advertising is significantly less expensive than other media like newspapers, television, and billboards.
  • However, its effect on the brains of consumers is typically greater than other types of ads. This is due to the physical nature of the advertisement since it has more brand recognition.
  • It is a way to get people to try the product.

A well-designed hoarding panel placed on construction sites captures the attention of nearly all passers-by. In contrast to other ads, it is not possible to move the screen to ignore the advertisement.

You either choose to or not, you must see the commercial for the brand. This creates an image of the product that you can recall. It is likely that if the image is a constant reminder in your mind you’ll research the business or product once.

It Helps To Protect The Public From Dangers And Accidents

Construction sites can pose a risk for those who are moving around the area. Hoardings and branding panels are not only an effective method of marketing but are also useful for making sure that accidents are not caused by the dangers of working in the environment.

What Are The Best Ways To Market Your Construction Site?

Construction printing can be found in a range of items, from correct board printing to foamex printing, to composite aluminum boards. Therefore, we’ve provided the best printing methods for panel printing that you can employ at your construction locations:

Hoarding Boards

It is among the oldest methods used to advertise structures. hoardings boards can be put up at the location. They’re available at a fair cost and can be helpful to protect valuable equipment on the premises.

Environmental Hoardings

Environmental hoardings are a modern version of hoardings made from PVC panels that are simple to put up. Additionally, these boards can be reusable. They are a fantastic alternative to traditional hoardings which cannot be reused and are difficult to set up.


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