Convert EML Files to PST and then Import EML into Office 365

Are you in possession of a collection of EML files from an important source that has important information? You also want to transfer this data to your mail client, or even your server. What is the reason we’re seeking answers to this issue? Since there were numerous similar kinds of inquiries we received, for example, transfer of EML file into Outlook the email application or transfer it to the cloud storage location.

Cloud migration is favored by customers due to its advantages including a huge storage capacity, improved security advanced features, seamless integration of apps centralized working, 24/7 access, a collection that includes collaboration software, intelligent subscription plans, etc.

Instead of addressing all these questions in one go, We decided to write an aid blog to address the issue of EML import and conversion solution and provide it to a variety of readers and viewers.

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You will find the complete procedures for the manual solution in this article, that includes two steps to transfer EML into Office 365 as no direct solution is offered to accomplish this. To make you feel happy there is a straightforward method to accomplish both conversion and import into Office 365 is also explained. So, let us start.

Native Solution – Convert EML Files to PST

To transfer EML into Office 365, first its conversion to PST format is required. We’ll provide every step, including the intermediaries to make it easier. However, make sure to make a backup prior to taking a back-up of EML files since there is always a risk of data compromise present.

Convert EML file to PST

  1. Transfer your EML file into Windows Live Mail application by drag and drop to make the accessible EML files suitable for export.
  2. Within Windows Live Mail, in the Windows Live Mail application, follow the steps File > Export > Email Messages.
  3. Select then the Microsoft Exchange selection under the Select Program section, and then click the next button..
  4. A dialog named Export Messages will open. Click “OK” in order to verify the request.
  5. Then, you can select the All Folders or choose the mailbox folder from the drop-down menu. Click on OK.
  6. The EML export will started in Outlook or Exchange format.
  7. After you have received your export complete instructions, you can click on the End option.

Import PST to Office 365

  1. Log into Your Office 365 account with its administrator credentials. Click on Admin Center.
  2. Click on the data governance option, and then, under the import option and click “Add” to create an additional job. The job will upload information onto Office 365 Azure.
  3. Then, write down the created SAS URL for the upload network.
  4. Utilizing the downloaded AzureAz.exe program within the Command Prompt, perform upload of PST files into Your Office 365 account.
  5. The next step is to create an CSV file in the Microsoft preferred format and fill in the mailboxes’ details according to.
  6. Create an import job to PST Perform CSV validation of the file.
  7. Sort PST information (if necessary) and then import it into Office 365 with the Import option.
  8. Thus, this means that the converted PST data is then imported into Office 365 mailboxes.

Manual Method:

While the manual export process is straightforward, the process of importing PST files into Office 365 using Network Upload method is a complicated and lengthy process. It’s not suitable for novice users or those who require immediate EML files to be imported into an Office 365 account. This process requires an inbuilt tool AzureAz.exe installation before moving through a series of steps and processes that can be confusing for the user, and increase the chance of making mistakes in any way.

NOTE: Users can follow an indirect method that allows them to connect the settings of their Office 365 account to the Microsoft Outlook application and then transfer data from the converted PST file into the Outlook application by using drag and drop functions to Outlook or Office 365 mailboxes folders. This method is extremely complex and inefficient. It requires precise execution to achieve the outcomes.

Instead of implementing this two-staged EML for Office 365 migration process, we suggest users opt for the more professional option that can execute directly EML into Office 365 transfer using minimum steps, and perform the entire process in full efficiency.

Import EML into Office 365 with Direct Method

Utilize the latest, secure, and effective EML conversion tool. program and utilize its impressive function to transfer EML into Office 365 with just few steps. The entire process is under the hands of the user and can be executed without any hassle or defects. Here’s what you will have to do using the easy GUI of this powerful tool.

  1. Start this EML to PST Converter tool. If you are aware of the location you want to include to the EML file or the folder’s path to the location you want using the available options. If you’re not sure exactly where to look, make use of this Find feature to download all the EML file directly on your computer. Click on Convert.
  2. Following the scanning process and the conversion of files after which you’ll have the information within the entire structure. Get a clear preview for any item you are interested in or would like to verify.
  3. Choose the options for data migration and then click the save option on the right.
  4. In the options for saving Select Office 365 as the option.
  5. Now, enter the Office 365 account credentials and click OK.
  6. All EML files is transferred to Office 365 account in few minutes.
With this advanced application, you can enjoy the highlights features listed below as currently.
  • Direct EML files are imported into Office 365 location
  • Fast, secure and seamless migration
  • Compatible with every version of Outlook versions as well as Office 365 plans
  • The preview facility is available for all EML file types
  • There is no need for Windows Live Mail or Outlook installation
  • Users can filter content prior to the migration
  • Interactive and simple Graphic User Interface
  • Remove multiple EML files in an existing folder

If you’d like to know and test all of the functions of the program try the trial version on the site and enjoy the opportunity to try it for yourself. You can also explore EML converter tool. Good luck!

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