Crucial Points To Consider Before Applying for a Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485

Apply For Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485

The temporary graduate visa 485 is meant for international students who want to reside and work in Australia. But this visa makes you eligible to stay in Australia only for a temporary period after the completion of your studies. Keep scrolling to increase your knowledge about temporary graduate visa subclass 485.

Different Streams Of Visa 485

The different streams for visa subclass 485 are as follows:

Graduate Work Stream

If you are a student who has recently graduated and has skills relevant to any occupation in Australia, you can apply for this stream. Graduates who have been affected by Covid-19 travel restrictions can apply for this visa now. However, they need to possess an eligible student visa.

One of the perks of the graduate stream 485 visa Australia is that you can bring your family members. This visa stream usually allows you to reside and work in Australia for 18 months. However, people who have British and Hong Kong overseas passports can stay and work for five years.

Post Study Work Stream

Candidates who have recently acquired a graduation degree from an Australian educational institution can apply for this stream. However, the degree you obtained must be related to a course registered under CRICOS. This stream makes an individual eligible for living, studying, and working in Australia.

Your family members can accompany you when you apply for a subclass 485 visa Australia through this stream. It is possible to reside in Australia for two to four years. The extent of your eligibility to stay will depend on your qualification. But people with British and Hong Kong passports can stay for five long years.

Second Post Study Work Stream

The subclass 485 visa Australia also has a second post-study workstream. It is open for students who graduated from an Australian institution in a regional area. You can also bring your family with the second post-study work stream of visa 485.

The duration of stay on this visa stream varies between one to two years. The duration depends on the educational institution where you graduated from, which led to the approval of the first post-study work stream visa. It also depends on the area in which you live as a temporary graduate visa 485 holder.

Eligibility Criteria For Visa 485

According to 485 visa eligibility criteria, you need to be below 50 years of age at the time of the application. The applicant also must hold a qualifying visa at the time of filling the application form. Moreover, there is a particular English language requirement that also needs to be met. Apart from these, there are specific criteria for the different streams.

Eligibility Criteria Specific To The Graduate Stream

You need to nominate an occupation that is available in the list of Skilled Occupations to apply in the graduate stream. You also have to meet study requirements according to your nominated occupation. It is also important to undergo a skill assessment to prove that you have the skills relevant to your nominated occupation.

Eligibility Criteria Specific To The Post Study Work Stream

You must have applied for your first student visa in Australia after November 5, 2011, to be eligible for the post-study work-stream. To apply for the post-study work stream of 485 graduate visa, you must fulfill specific study requirements. The study requirements vary depending on your qualification, which is typically a Bachelor’s degree.

Study Requirements For Graduate Visa 485

Your course of study must be registered under CRICOS.
The medium of instruction in your course has to be English.
Your course must go on for a minimum of 16 calendar months or 92 weeks.
You must undertake the course while having a valid student visa
The course can’t be associated with enabling programs or English language proficiency.

Health And Character Requirements

When you are applying for this visa, you must agree to get some medical examinations. If any family member accompanies, they will also have to fulfill the health requirements.

According to the 485 graduate visa checklist, it is necessary to submit evidence of character. You have to undergo verification by the Australian Federal Police. The validity of the police check is 12 months.

Health Insurance Requirements

You need to have proper health insurance that can cover your and your family’s medical expenses while you are residing in Australia. You can find a health insurance provider in Australia. But it won’t be a problem even if the health insurance provider is in your home country. You only need to ensure that the health insurance is active while you are lodging the visa 485 application.

Student visa holders are required to change their OSHC insurance when they are applying for a graduate visa. You only need the basic health insurance cover for you and your accompanying family members. You need to provide evidence of your insurance agreement while filling out the application form.

The insurance plan must be in effect during the entire time that your visa will be valid. The insurance plan must also cover the processing time of the graduate visa 458. You need to find the most appropriate health insurance cover for you on the basis of factors like if you are single or a family. You can talk to a migration agent in Adelaide to know about the health insurance requirement.

Cost And Processing Time Of Graduate Visa 458

The cost and processing time of graduate visa subclass 458 varies on the basis of the stream you have chosen. When you are applying through the graduate stream, 485 visa processing time ranges from nine to thirteen months. The processing time takes 8 to 10 months for the post-study workstream.

The processing time might get extended if you fail to meet the checklist. You can consult a migration agent Adelaide to ensure that the processing time of your visa does not get dragged unnecessarily. They can also help in ensuring that your graduate visa application 458 does not get rejected.

The cost of the 485 visa in the graduate stream is approximately AUD 1,680. It is the same in the case of the post-study work stream as well. When you are applying for the second post-study workstream, you will have to pay around AUD 660. Apart from the application fee, you might have to cover some additional charges for visa 485. It includes collecting the health certificate and police verification certificate.


What is the time limit to apply for the graduate visa 485?

The graduate visa 485 enables an individual to stay in Australia after the completion of their course. Therefore, you need to apply for the visa within six months of completing the course.

Is it possible to work full-time with a graduate visa 485?

A holder of the graduate visa 485 can work in Australia as long as the visa is valid. To continue staying in Australia after the expiry of this visa, you need to apply for a different subclass of visa.

Summing Up

You can apply for the graduate or post-study work stream as part of visa subclass 485. Remember to fulfil all the general requirements as well as stream specific requirements to acquire this visa. Here

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