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Curtains : Readymade or get them stitched?

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. With relatives arriving, it was a long weekend for us, and I took advantage of the opportunity to visit a few home stores. The Home Town sale is worth looking through for inspiration, albeit the items are at least 60% overpriced.

Some blog readers have brought in design questions, which I’ll respond to this week. Please feel free to contribute your ideas.

“Should I buy ready-made curtains or have them stitched?” is the first in this series. Why was it stitched?” A seemingly simple question, but one that is intriguing to answer. 

A few factors that will help you go the ready made or the stitched way:

Apartment/house: One crucial piece of information lacking from the query is if it’s an apartment or a house. If you’re buying a house, your chances of finding a readymade curtains online are slim unless the windows and doors are standard sizes. I recently went to a house with windows that were 30 feet tall. Seriously. The living room had windows that stretched the length of the ground and first floors. Also, I don’t believe you can buy ready-made curtains in this size.

If you live in an apartment and have a restricted budget and time, prefabricated ones will be more suitable.

Choice and color of fabric:

  When you have them embroidered, the possibilities are unlimited. Previously, the only fabric option was cotton, but synthetic/silk curtains are now available in most general home retailers, including Lifestyle, Fab India, Home Stop, Home Town, and @ Home. Don’t forget about the countless high-end furniture retailers like Linen n Drapes, Drapes Avenue, or Just Linen.

Ready-made curtains are limited in number and may not match your room’s style. Finding one with matching or contrasting colors for the wall paint or something that complements the furniture in the space would be difficult.

Styling: Ready-made curtains and customized curtains online are typically pleated or have the large metal rings that are currently popular.

Price: The cost of sheer curtains begins at Rs.140 per meter. Fabric is available for as little as Rs. 150 per meter and as much as one may conceive. The cost of stitching is determined on the style. It costs roughly Rs. 5 per meter for pleats and Rs. 6.5 per meter for rings with support. Again, pricing may differ from one city to the next.

Simply said, having your curtains stitched will allow you to have drapes that match your walls and furniture. You can even combine two fabrics for a single curtain (for example, a plain top with a printed bottom) — just get creative and have fun. Stitching is simple because most stores have in-house tailors who take your measurements and provide them. Of course, the main drawback is the week-long wait, but otherwise, it’s the way to go.

Instant drapery boards are for the most part somewhere close to 45 and 54 inches wide. Assuming you have a window that is no more extensive than 36 inches, and you utilize two 54-inch boards on that restricted window, that is awesome.

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