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Customer Tools: Polish Your Customer Service For Higher Return.

Nowadays, businesses and establishments are all about quality management and excellent customer service.

Voice of the customer tools: Nowadays, businesses and establishments are all about quality management and excellent customer service. According to a survey, 89% of companies compete with each other solely on the basis of their customer service.

So let’s get into the basics of what a voice of customer means and how it has become a pivotal standpoint that can exponentially increase a company’s sales.

Ways to hear what your customer has to say

First off, it is essential to understand and acknowledge your customer. it is crucial that you make them feel heard and appreciated. So how do you really give your customers a voice? You provide them with a platform where they can express their concerns. Furthermore, there are many other ways you can gather your customers’ and potential customers’ feedback. There are many different methods through which you can provide your customers with a voice to speak up.


Most websites sometimes require their customers to fill in their email addresses. Is either to send in their weekly newsletter, but mostly to check up on their customers. They also allows them to send their feedback or review the product they just bought. It will enable the companies to gain an insight into how the customer is feeling after the purchase.

Customer support and chat support

Most sites have an automatic option popping up every time you visit their site’s homepage. It is mainly the live chat option. The chat is a direct link between a company’s representative and its customer. it lets customers observe the company’s prompt service

Customer surveys 

Direct surveying is the best way to gain a solid knowledge of how your customer feels about your enterprise and your products. Although it is a straightforward method, it provides answers without sugarcoating. However, these surveys need to be very precise and shouldn’t be too time-consuming. For instance, the questions must have one-word answers like yes or no, true or false, etc.

Focus groups and interview sessions 

Focus groups work best for products that are yet to be released in the market. They help get current demographics and an honest and unbiased reaction to how the general population will perceive the product.

Online reviews 

Your company can stay ahead of the competition by maintaining a positive image on the internet. It is possible through impeccable customer experience, which forces the customers to write a good review. Subsequently, these reviews ensure customers retainment and attract new customers. Furthermore, you need to maintain a good profile on all social media platforms. The reviews on social platforms showcase your promising services and help gain new clients and customers.

Take your employees into account.

Sometimes, companies converge all their attention and concern to their customers. Unfortunately, it leaves the company’s employees unheard. It is best to apply the same techniques as we use on customers to fish out suggestions and reviews from the employees as well. Employees can provide you with much better information on dealing with certain discrepancies and shortcomings. Try using the voice of the customer tools on your employees every once in a while.

Voice of customer lacking.

You need to take many factors into account before immersing aimlessly in the voice of the customer tools.

Neglecting the customers

Ensuring customer retainment is a vital aspect of a business. The chances of a customer coming back to your business increase when you check up on them regularly.

Not mixing the tools up

You might not be utilizing the voice of customers to its full potential. The internet is a vast place with endless ways to gather information. Do not restrain to just emails and surveys to collect information.

Customer tools relevance 

Your hard work might be going in vain if you are not using the correct tools. Although it might produce results, there is a high chance that you won’t be getting what you should, just because

you are not using the best tool for the job.

Voice of the customer tools

Apart from these examples of how a customer is given a voice, there are many software and applications that work as the voice of the customer tools. They provide their services to business owners and enterprises and guarantee an influx in customer flow. Some of the customer tools are:


Wootric is software that works on the principles of enterprise feedback management. Gathers its information by conducting a singular-question micro survey.

These surveys are judged on the basis of their Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Effect Score. The best part about Wootric is that it is very user compliant. You can install it quickly and use it to watch these reviews on a live dashboard.


Feedbackify is next on the list of the voice of the customer tools. It provides options to produce a feedback form with the help of a drag-and-drop editor and has a simple interface, and only requires basic copying and pasting of the Javascript tag into the HTML of the webpage. Feedbackify allows the visitors to drop a rating as well. Their compliments and reviews are directly sent to your inbox.


Honestly is a Software as a service platform. It enables service-oriented companies to gather and analyze customer feedback. This feedback is turned in through questionnaires.

Honestly provides its users with two options: web integration and Feedback terminals. Additionally, honestly also provides employee engagement surveys that give employees a voice.

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