Develop A Postmates Clone – Business Model & Revenue Streams

The pandemic is the time when people were reluctant to step out of their comfort zones by staying home and not going anywhere to buy essentials. The on-demand delivery apps play a crucial role as they can shop online with easy accessibility. 

Postmates is one such on-demand delivery platform with the offerings of food delivery, grocery delivery, and alcohol delivery. This platform connects the customers with the providers/vendors, be it restaurants, grocery stores, or liquor shops.  

Its popularity considerably surged amidst the pandemic with the increased number of active users. The one who has a determination to start a venture can consider launching a Postmates Clone. It is an operational recreation of Postmates with similar features & functionality. 

Business Model: The Typical Functionality Of The Postmates Clone

As mentioned above, Postmates Clone will bridge the gap between the customers and vendors or merchants. The functionality would be the same for delivery apps. Let’s see how the Postmates Clone app functions in offering the food delivery service to the target audiences.

  • Customers sign up with the app

The users have to start with the registration process by providing the necessary details. This is for first-time users. The existing customers can go ahead with the sign-up process using login credentials.

  • Give Location Access

After the initial setup process, customers have to give location access to detect their present location automatically. Or else, they can go forward by manually entering the location.

  • Browse Restaurants And Place Orders

The app users should have a wide range of restaurants available from which they can choose the one among these. After the restaurant selection, they have to select the food items which they like to buy from the listed menu.

The chosen items will be added to the shopping cart, which they can make modifications until making payment.

  • Order Confirmation

After this, the prompt screen will make the customers choose the payment mode according to their convenience. The restaurant they have selected will receive notifications regarding the order. Upon acceptance, the customers will be able to check the delivery status with the real-time update of the location of the delivery executives. 

  • Order Delivery

Henceforth, the restaurant will start to prepare the order and pack it. The delivery executive will receive delivery requests and he/she can accept or reject these. Upon acceptance, the delivery personnel reach the restaurant and pick up the orders.

As the route optimization feature is incorporated into the food delivery app, the delivery drivers can reach the customers’ location without delay.   

  • Users’ Feedback

On receiving the orders, customers would have an option to rate and review the service. Despite this, they can even leave their feedback regarding the food items they have bought. 

Segments Of The Postmates Clone App

It is not only the Postmates Clone app; every food delivery app involves three segments, namely the following. 

  • User/Customer App 

These are the ones who can avail of food delivery service by placing their orders with a few taps. The food orders will be delivered to their doorsteps within a few minutes.

  • Restaurant/Vendor App

These are the partnered stores that will be listed in the app and customers have these options to choose the one that is nearby. It is the vendor’s responsibility to manage the orders.

  • Delivery Executive App

The Postmates app clone provides an opportunity to the delivery drivers as they can accept the orders and meet the customers’ demands. In turn, they would have a considerable steady flow of income. 

Important Features To Consider During Postmates Clone app development

As the functionality is based on the inclusion of features, the following is a list of features that should not be omitted.

Features Of User App

  • Search bar
  • Real-time tracking
  • Wishlist
  • Reviews & ratings

Features Of Restaurant App

  • Order management
  • Product management
  • Drivers management
  • Payment management

Features Of Delivery Personnel App

  • In-app chat
  • Route optimization
  • Earnings Report
  • Instant notification

Apart from the basic features, it would be a considerable option to add the advanced features in order to make the Postmates Clone unique. This is how you could stay ahead of the thriving competition.

Revenue Streams Of The Postmates Clone

There are several possibilities to generate steady income from the Postmates Clone. Here are some standard revenue streams that you ought to consider when developing your food delivery app.

  • Delivery Charges 

You could consider charging delivery fees from the customers depending on the order value. From this, a certain percentage of the amount could be transferred to the delivery executives.

  • Commission Charges

The registered merchants have to pay a specific percentage of the amount when receiving orders from the customers. You ought to set the fixed percentage, or the charges would be in accordance with the order value that the restaurant has taken.

  • Surge Pricing 

It is the most common revenue model that is followed by on-demand apps, including ride-hailing apps like Uber. You can incur additional charges through this revenue stream when the demand rises. This would give a steady flow of revenue. 

  • Small Cart Fees

When the customers place their orders below a certain value, you could charge them a small cart fee. For instance, Postmates charges $1.99 when the order value is below $12.

  • Subscription/Membership Fees

The app users can make use of certain features which are exceptional only when they have availed of subscription plans. You ought to offer free delivery, no surge pricing, and other benefits. Take Postmates as an example. It charges $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year. The choice is yours to set a fixed percentage of the membership. 

Ready To Launch An App Like Postmates?

If you are sure about stepping into the online food delivery sector, opting for a Postmates Clone Script would be a considerable choice. This is because it is prefabricated with necessary features, defining the typical functionality of the food delivery app. Major benefits of this solution include the following.

  • Customization & scalability
  • Pocket-friendly solution
  • Quick to launch


Undoubtedly, starting a food delivery service venture would be a profitable idea as the online food delivery sector is growing rapidly. Leveraging this chance, launch the Postmates Clone and reap various benefits. How to get started? Partner with a reliable food delivery clone app development company that has experience in delivering the best Postmates like app for Android & iOS.

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