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Die Making Tools Essentials for Paper Craft

If you are willing to start your papercraft journey, then a die-cutting machine helps you make a beautiful craft and dies. In this article, we have explained many die-cutting techniques, types of die-making tools, and other tips to understand the importance of die-cutting.

What Is Die Cutting?

About papercraft, die-cutting machines are used to cut metal shapes. These metal cuttings are known dies, and you can prepare dies in different designs and shapes. It is even possible to cut out dies in different materials, out of paper, or even fabric.

One edge of the die-making tool is sharp like a knife, which helps cut through paper or material to perfectly cut the shape multiple times.

The first use of dies was seen in shoes, where shoes were cut from leather accurately and efficiently. At the time, manual die-making tools were used. However, since then, the process of die-cutting has evolved, and one of its uses is in craft making. Die-cutting manufacturers in California and all over the state design these tools to make cuts different shapes on the paper easily.

What Are Die Making Tools?

Die-making tool share machines that we use for the die-cutting process. There are many reputed die-cutting manufacturers in California like Advanced Die Supplies to choose from. There are many types of machines available for different purposes. Here are a few of these die-cutting machines:

  • The first category is manual die-cutting machines that you need to manually operate. In this case, you have to create a sandwich, where your paper is wedged between two plates. When you press the handle, pressure is applied and a sharp edge of the plate passes through the paper, which makes a die.
  • The second category is electronic die-cutting machines, which are automatically operated. Similar to the above method, you need to create a sandwich, but the machine automatically puts pressure and creates a die.
  • The last category is the computerized die-cutting machine, which you don’t need to operate manually. In this case, the blade in the printer moves and cuts the paper or fabric. These are not similar to the above methods.

Basics Of Using Die Making Tools

How should you use die-making tools? What’s the right way?

  • The first step is to make a sandwich with the plates that are given with your die-cutting machine. Usually, you need to put paper in between the plates and the sharp-edged plate is on the top. But, for clarification, you should check the manual for the same.
  • Now, press the handle to pass the entire plate through the machine. You may need to do it multiple times for a clean cut. Many crafters deliberately press the handle twice for a clean cut.
  • If the die is not cutting cleanly, then you need to ensure that you are putting the right pressure on the die handle.
  • Lastly, use the pokey tool that comes with the die-making toolto remove the die from the machine. Pokey tools are provided in the kit to help you handle the small dies with care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many crafters have a lot of questions in mind when they first start using die-making tools. We have answered some of these below.

What Do You Mean By Die Cut Stamps?

The die-cut stamp is where you want to stamp your die and then you stamp the die using the die-making tool. The process helps you avoid cutting the image manually.

What Type Of Dies Are There?

Die-cutting manufacturers in California and all over the world create and design a varied range of tools to serve different purposes. You can use many types of dies for your craft or handmade card. For example, cover dies, nesting dies, matching dies, and standalone dies. In nesting dies, normal shapes are created and you can use them for different sizes of frames.

Standalone dies are available in different designs and sizes, and you can cut these shapes perfect for your craft projects. Cover dies are 4-5 inches and you can use them to cut panels that can be adjusted on an A2 card. Lastly, matching dies works on stamped images, so that you can avoid challenging cutting.

How Can We Use Stamp and Die Set?

You can use dies with relevant die sets in many ways. For example, the most common one is that you use an image and stamp it, and then you take a die that complements the image. Place this die on the stamp and now use the die-making tool. This will help you cut the required images without challenges.

How Can You Make Die Cut Card?

To make a die-cut card, you can use different types of die-making tools. The easiest one is the cover dies. You need to use the cover die for the card’s front and then die cut while ensuring the offset used for the die-cut. You have to avoid cutting the edges of the fold line. Once you have passed the paper through the machine, remove your die, and fold your card to make a beautiful card created using die making tool.


Die-making tools help you create beautiful, clean, and smooth dies. You can prepare dies of paper, metal, or fabric, depending on your requirements. Simply find the right type of die-making tool for your purpose, select the material, and start planning that beautiful craft.

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