Different Types of Horse Rugs

Like with most things, once you start looking into purchasing something. You quickly realize there are more alternatives and factors to examine than you had anticipated. The same is true for horse rugs, which come in a number of styles and functions. Let’s go over the most common sorts so you can see what they’re for and which is ideal for your circumstances to keep your horse happy.

What are the most common horse rug types?

Horse blankets come in a variety of styles, the most common of which are:

  • Cooler Rugs
  • Stable Rugs
  • Fly Rugs
  • Turnout Rugs

Fly Rugs

These fly rugs are also known as fly sheets. They are intended for the warmer months to maintain your mare cool and defend its coat from mosquitoes.

Most fly rugs are simply composed of mesh to shield the horses from insects, but these only offer one function; a fly rug which also offers sun protection and helps to regulate the horse’s body temp. This is a more beneficial alternative.

A fly sheet made of light-colored reflective fabric will maintain the body and neck cooler by scattering the sun’s heat while being breathable enough to allow air to travel through. These are composed of lightweight materials, but they must be sturdy and allow the animal to move freely. Often comes with a removable neck cover to help regulate body heat throughout the summer. Look out for braided rugs like caribu horse rugs.

Horse Rugs
Image Source: Unsplash

Turn Out Rugs

Turnout rugs are among the most common forms of horse rugs since they are very flexible and do not have a designated season. They’re ideal for your horse to use outside in a wide range of weather and situations. They’re constructed of a tough, water-resistant fabric that’s also breathable, and they have firm straps to keep them in position.

Turnout rugs are constructed of canvas with beeswax proofing to prevent water from reaching into contact with the horse’s body. They have a wool liner for comfort when you are out in the fields during the cold months.

Cooler rugs

Cooler rugs (also known as an activity sheet) are meant to deal with a horse’s perspiration after exercise in order to prevent them from being chilly.

They wipe away any dampness left on your horse’s coat after a bath or workout. This keeps the horse warm, and the fact that the rugs are constructed of permeable material ensures that the horse will completely dry as its muscles calm down.

Stable Rugs

Stable rugs are typically comprised of light materials such as cotton. They’re made to be worn inside or outdoors in mild temperatures, and they’re ideal for keeping your equine tidy and comfy while traveling in horse crates or at horse exhibitions.

These blankets are not waterproof and must be dried. They should not be worn on a horse that is outside and, in the rainfall, or is directly subjected to the outdoors.

There are often numerous varieties of stable carpets manufactured for various temperatures, with some designed for spring and fall and others designed for the harshest winter temperatures.

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