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Discard the low FRP pricing to install high-quality PVC wall panels

Author Bio – Jane Richards liked the low FRP costs and wanted strong wall paneling for her commercial space. She researched the FRP pricing but found that there were reviews where customers complained about FRP peeling off and rotting. That’s why Jane decided to buy Duramax PVC wall panels instead. Jane was extremely happy with the high-end wall panels delivered by Duramax in 2 weeks. She highly recommends Duramax experts.

The FRP panels were advanced paneling solutions for high-traffic commercial applications. The low FRP costs made businesses choose the wall material for the commercial sectors. The cheap FRP pricing might look like a lucrative option, but the wall material is not a great choice for the long run. The FRP panels delaminate, peel off, rot and rust with time. The FRP panels need repeated repairing for general upkeep and maintenance. Installing PVC panels rather than FRP is ideal. The high-quality PVC wall panels are lightweight, durable, strong, mold-free, and water-resistant. The PVC panels are excellent wall cladding materials and a better alternative than FRP for numerous reasons.

PVC wall panels are 100% water resistant 

Cheap FRP pricing might easily get you a wall material that rots, absorbs moisture, and molds. The FRP panels have wooden backers that quickly absorb water and degrade the wallboard. Remove the FRP panels to install high-quality vinyl wallboard. The PVC wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl material are waterproof and resistant to vapor. The non-porous wall panels have no wooden backers and shed excess moisture from the surface without absorbing it. PVC wall panels are resistant to moisture and toxic chemicals. The waterproof PVC wall panels are easy to clean and washable. Wiping the PVC panels with soap and a damp mop is great for the upkeep. You can clean the stain-free PVC panels with bleaches, detergents, and soap. Install the smooth PVC wall panels rather than the rough textured and easily adulterated FRP wallboard.

Choose the fire-resistant PVC wall panels 

Commercial kitchens, marinas, hospitals, Laundromats, shipping containers, refrigerated warehouses, dairy farms, and horse stables prefer installing fire-resistant wall panels. The affordable FRP pricing might lure you into purchasing the Fiberglass wall material with combustible wooden backers that speed up fire accidents and release toxic gasses. On the other hand, the PVC wall panels are non-combustible and come with a 1 hour Class A fire grade resistance. The PVC wall panels can safeguard the commercial place from detrimental fire outbreaks for one hour. PVC panels have no backers that would ignite the flames, and the plastic wall material is inflammable and safe for commercial spaces that are vulnerable to fire outbreaks.

PVC panels require no professional maintenance 

The FRP wall panels are delicate and require occasional maintenance from experts. The FRP panels are susceptible to callbacks and need repairing every now and then. Repainting and refinishing touches are essential for the upkeep of the FRP wall panels. All these factors make the maintenance of FRP wall material expensive and laborious. That’s why switching to PVC wall panels is a better alternative. The PVC wall material requires no professional upkeep after installation. The PVC panels last for 40 to 50 years without expert care or repair. There is no need to repair, repaint or replace the PVC panels for at least 50 years. The PVC wall material is a recyclable choice, and the products have a limited lifetime warranty. Choosing the low-maintenance PVC panels is a cost-effective decision in the long run.

Decide on PVC wall panels – Request a no-obligation quote 

Get the PVC wall panels in 2 weeks direct from the factory. Ask for a quote now. Book a free consultation. Avail of the complimentary PVC sample. Duramax experts offer customized PVC panels at factory-direct rates. Connect now.

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