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Distributed Energy System

Reshaping the energy system

Flexible, efficient, and meeting the needs of different scenarios in an all-around way. How to make the distributed energy system adaptable on demand, let people enjoy life more freely, allow enterprises to operate more efficiently, and allow the park to plan and manage more independently?

Reshaping the energy system
Efficient and flexible control of energy
From industrial and commercial parks to small households, to communities, schools, and hospitals that are closely related to our lives, we all need sustainable energy supplies. At the same time, with the continuous development of renewable energy, the energy system is also facing tremendous changes. As a new energy solution, a stable, flexible and efficient distributed energy system can not only balance the supply and use of energy according to changes in the needs of different scenarios but also redefine the relationship between people and energy so that everyone is not only the use of energy They have also become energy producers and managers. What is it that gives the distributed energy system such a unique charm? The distributed energy system is a solution covering various power generation, energy storage, and energy management. It represents a business model transformation, through local power generation and dynamic load management, for building owners and energy consumers to reduce costs, improve reliability, and additional revenue. Compared with the traditional centralized linear power generation, the distributed energy system has the characteristics of diversification, dynamics, and complexity. The system contains many participants and multi-level energy and information flow and capital flow. With better control, you can also have more flexible arrangements and plans for energy consumption. The resulting benefits-better energy sustainability, lower carbon emissions, and more cost savings.

The development of distributed energy will bring prosperity to the entire industry chain including primary energy production industry, power industry, technology supply, equipment production and sales, and user terminals. This will be a transformation in the energy sector and an important historical opportunity.
Zhang Dongsheng, Secretary-General of China Energy Conservation Association Thermal Power Industry Alliance

Rich forms of distributed energy management systems
Distributed energy systems can be customized for very specific requirements and user applications, including cost reduction, energy-saving, and efficiency enhancement, supply security, and carbon emission reduction.
Today, when the shortcomings of centralized energy are increasingly exposed, distributed energy has begun to become the new favorite of large energy users such as industrial parks and high-energy-consuming factories. Among them, distributed photovoltaics have become an important choice for capital and owners due to their low cost, large benefits, and obvious emission reduction effects, coupled with the stimulation of national preferential policies.

However, due to the low barriers to entry for distributed photovoltaics, the construction quality of domestic distributed photovoltaics has been uneven. In response to this situation, Siemens did not lower its engineering standards due to the market environment but chose to continuously communicate with its partners and rely on its strong technical strength to ensure that the entire construction process and results can meet Siemens’ quality Require.

Noon in July is the best time for sunshine in Shanghai. The scorching sun shines the sun on the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Siemens SCPS factory, shining brightly. Under the transformation of photovoltaic panels and a complete set of distributed photovoltaic systems, sunlight has become a clean, zero-emission renewable energy power that supplies the factory’s lighting and mechanical equipment operations. All of this is due to Siemens’ planning and design of a complete set of solutions for the Shanghai Siemens Circuit Protection System Co., Ltd. (SCPS) factory, and providing many power distribution equipment including combiner boxes, parallel cabinets, and digital energy management solutions.

After the establishment of the SCPS distributed project in 2015, after several discussions, the most cost-effective solution was finally determined. On May 17, 2017, after the project was officially put into production. The SCPS distributed photovoltaic system not only operates stably but also brings excellent environmental and economic benefits to SCPS.

From the perspective of energy consumption, the project is expected to save 60,000 yuan in electricity bills for the factory every year. At the same time, the factory’s carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 15%. If the photovoltaic system can be expanded in the future, such as increasing the area of photovoltaic panels on the roof, the factory is even expected to achieve zero carbon emissions. In this project, innovative financial solutions are adopted. , SCPS’s capital investment is zero.”

It is precise because of the escort of such a set of solutions that the SCPS distributed photovoltaic project can achieve great success.

Application field
Distributed energy systems are widely used
Distributed energy systems can be best used in the following various applications:-Various industrial, business parks, urban communities, regional smart energy networks, green and efficient-Data centers, provide flexible and safe energy supply, and improve energy efficiency-Airports, multiple guarantees Energy demand, energy-saving and emission reduction-hospitals, ensure safe and green energy supply, and reduce operating costs-hotels, meet continuous energy load, low-carbon and green travel-factories, ensure production and living needs, optimize construction investment, and reduce operating costs-campus , Continuous energy supply throughout the day, efficient and economical, and practice the concept of green and sustainable humanities-commercial buildings, which not only meet business needs but also reduce operating costs, green environmental protection-rural electrification, promote the use of green energy resources and economic growth with the necessary professional knowledge and Experience, as well as reliable company reputation and purpose, Siemens has successfully provided solutions in all these areas to help customers achieve carbon dioxide emissions reduction and reduce costs.

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