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Dojoit online whiteboard use cases

Dojoit online whiteboard use cases


As time goes on, there is going to be a lot of growth in the global Dojoit online whiteboard market (DWB). It is a big, interactive screen that is connected to a computer and can show computer images through a digital projector. Using a pen, stylus, or even a finger, you can control the board. This online whiteboard is quickly becoming one of the best and most popular ways to show content in classrooms, corporate board rooms, training rooms, and government agencies, and applications in all of these places are driving the market.

Three online whiteboard use cases


Education, Allow teachers to take into account different types of learning styles, like tactile and visual, when they teach. In addition, they make it easier for teachers to pace their lessons based on the needs of different students and to make room for collaboration and group work. In other words, they are great for teachers who want to make learning more personalized. They connect users to content in a way that traditional whiteboards can’t. This isn’t possible with traditional whiteboards. They’re good at modeling, which is teaching students how things work in a clear way. It’s possible for teachers to use some software to make electronic flipcharts that show shapes, text, images, and videos that can be annotated with an electronic pen, stylus, or finger.

One middle school that used DWBs said the following:


• Teachers can now work with their computer files at the same time. They can prepare and work on them at the same time.

  • Teachers can save each “whiteboard” or “flipchart” so that they can use it again at any point in time.
  • Teachers can work with their coworkers to improve flipcharts and make folders that everyone can see on the school’s server, which is where the folders are.
  • Because of the DWB, the benefits to the school are huge.
  • Teachers make their own maps and change them to meet the needs of the time by enlarging parts of the big map and taking a picture. Pupils then work on the DWB and save their own flipcharts, which is a way for the teacher to keep an eye on them. This can also be shown to the parents at any time so that their active cooperation can be seen.
  • Being able to add information from websites makes the material come to life.
Because ready-made flipchart pages for individual teaching with links and sound files for matching/guessing activities make teaching more fun and make it more fun for the students, this is how it works:


A lot of fun is had when you use tools to make stories and guessing games, especially when you’re teaching a language.

  • Slow learners get a lot out of it because everything can be printed or sent by e-mail and used at a later time.
  • The textbook trade has already reacted and has CDs that are interactive and can be used on a computer, as well as CDs that can be used at home.
  • The right hardware, such as the control panel that lets the teacher temporarily disconnect the board, freeze the screen, and turn off the sound, is a must for the teacher.

Online whiteboard In corporate board and training rooms


There are a lot of DWBs used in corporate boardrooms and training rooms where people work together. One aerospace company with consultants spread across the country is using photos to help people understand aerospace certification and quality processes. Users can:

  • They can connect their laptop and control any app with their touch.
  • Check out old drawings, photos, and meeting notes that go back three days or three months to see what you can learn from them.
  • Add comments to documents and photos

Only open one window at a time, not several.

  • Add video conferencing to the DWB so that people can work together on a large scale.
  • Record meetings and training sessions so that you can look back at them later.
  • As you save and send DWB files, you can do so in a number of formats that are easy to read (e.g. .pdf or .ppt)

Online whiteboard In government agencies


workers can run briefings, meetings, and training sessions that keep everyone focused and excited. Employees can use a large touch-enabled surface to access digital resources and interact with content so everyone can see what they’re up to. They can open files, apps, websites, and multimedia with one finger. The pen can be used to write in digital ink on top of other content and save it so that you can keep it. Microsoft Visio, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can all be used to write notes. DWB’s were also found to:

  • Information can be easily shared with both local and remote people, including people who work in the field.
  • Users can use video conferencing or share screens so that all participants can interact with session materials, work on the same documents at the same time, or write notes that everyone can see.

For example, you can use the large interactive surface to navigate content, look at the material, watch videos, or write down your thoughts on the large surface.

Online whiteboard for trainers


Whether people are in the same room or in a different place, trainers can help keep them interested and focused on learning by making course material and concepts visually appealing. As groups talk about new information, trainers can write notes in digital ink or make changes to files to make them more up-to-date on the spot.

  • When quick decisions are needed during operations, IWBs can help improve situational awareness by making it easier for people to focus on important data and see information in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Users can show action plans, look at maps, and mark them up, as well as show everyone what they’re going to do.



People who work in schools and businesses also use DWBs, as these examples show. To be ready for the DWB software market to take off over the next few years, VARs should learn about applications and case studies that can be used in other industries.


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