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Don’t Just Buy Any Plywood

Plywood is a type of material that is made by piling up and gluing thin slices of wood with the motive of using it for various purposes. These purposes may include flooring, making of furniture, ceiling, etc. Examples of uses of plywood can be seen almost everywhere.

No matter the uses, one aspect of plywood no buyer should comprise is its authenticity. There can be many issues regarding buying plywood, starting from whether it is real to whether it has termite. And everyone should be able to distinguish between these.

Let me show you the ultimate way how you can easily distinguish fine quality plywood from the fake ones.

What is the solution?

What if I tell you the solution is as simple as scanning a QR code? You might think that can’t be it. But it is exactly like scanning a QR code. The solution to this problem is Century Promise. Century Promise is an app that lets you differentiate between fake and original plywood that they produce.

It is the first company in the Indian plywood industry to attach unique QR codes to its products. Once scanned, information regarding the plywood can be known. The information tells you if the product is an original Century Plywood product or not. Along with this, the details of the factory in which the plywood was manufactured are also made available to the users.

How to use the Century Promise app?

The app is easy to download and operate, for using it, you need to follow a few simple steps. These steps are given below.

   1. Download the app-

You can simply download the app from the app store of your mobile phone or play store according to your preference. The name of the app is Century Promise.

   2. Login-

After downloading the app, there are two login options available from which you can choose. If you are an existing member, you can simply log in by putting in the required credentials.

If you are not already registered, you can do it by filling out some simple details, including your name, member type, email id, state, city, pin code, and phone number. After filling in the details, you can easily log in anytime.

   3. Choose the option

There are two further options available, and you can choose the one according to your preference.

Firstly, you can either choose to scan the QR code. Here, you need to simply open the in-built QR code scanner and scan the unique code on the product you wish to avail information about.

The second option is to scan manually. There are QR codes in terms of digits are also present. You can fill them manually if you wish or if there is any issue in scanning the codes.

    4. Result

After scanning, the result will be shown to you. If it is a genuine century plywood product, it will be listed there with all the other details.

Why use the Century Promise app?

The first and foremost reason why you should use this app is simple- it will assure you regarding the product’s authenticity. You can easily avoid purchasing duplicate and fake products and get your money’s worth. Some of the features that make this app more convenient and useful are given below:

  • The app is 100% free of cost.
  • E-warranty certificates are also available on the app.
  • It is duplicate-proof
  • The application is smartphone and tablet compatible.
  • It is available on the apple app store and Google play store and is compatible with IOS and android devices.


CenturyPly brings fine quality plywood to their customers, and they are the first ones in India to provide proof of that. The CenturyPromise app lets the customer know the details regarding the product that they are going to purchase, which not only upgrades the trust in the product but also enhances the customer-dealer relations.





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