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Dreadlock Hair Care in Summer in 3 points

Get natural healthy dreadlock with 3 points

Summer is here and also the care we tend to take of our dreadlocks during this season are mirrored within the next few months, that’s why we tend to from Rastas Naturales would really like to share with you three tips to form your dreads look tremendous, sheep on the beach or within the pool or where you’re going this summer.


The swimming bath is one amongst the favourite places to face up to the recent summer heat, however, the upkeep and improvement of pools needs the employment of high doses of chemicals, like gas. These product will harm our hair and our scalp, therefore it’s important that simply once going the pool, or as before long as potential, we tend to wash the dreadlocks to get rid of any residual gas or alternative product which will stay. You even have the option to follow a hair care routine at home for many deadheads a straightforward wash with soap and water is not enough.


Either as a result of we tend to wash our hair reception, as a result of we tend to play sports and sweat loads, as a result of we tend to take a shower within the gymnasium or as a result of we’re going swimming on the beach or within the pool, our dreadlocks get wet repeatedly throughout the summer. Is that this a problem? Not at all! really, ocean water is nice for your dreadlocks because the salt helps to tighten loose locks. however there’s a golden rule: Don’t head to sleep never with dreadlocks still wet or damp. Otherwise they may smell and you’ll even have some issues on the scalp.

The best thanks to get your dreadlocks dry on hot summer days it’s to dry them, however if you wish to dry them quicker, higher use a towel and absorb the water with little “touchs” to your dreads, however ne’er rubbing them, as a result of you’ll harm the dreads. you’ll be able to conjointly dry out your dreads however not your roots, as a result of you’ll harm your scalp. If once exploitation the towel your roots are still dump, attempt to use the hairdryer however with the cold (or room-temperature) mode.


If you’re within the sun, specially at the time once the sun is at its highest, you must cowl your head, as a result of albeit you place sun crème everywhere your body, your scalp get unprotected as a result of the form of your roots. To avoid a sunburn in your scalp, the most effective you’ll be able to do it’s to use a hat or a headscarf.

Your dreadlocks can even be blown dry. we tend to blow dry our locks during a downward motion, from roots to ends. Finger comb from roots to ends propulsion during a downward motion as you blow-dry. Remember, locks dry from the skin in, so that they could feel dry initially however before long the wet that’s still unfree within can eventually be soaked au fait the skin. Drying could take a small amount of your time therefore have some patience and check that you’ve got enough time to dry fullydon’t visit copulate wet dreadlocks. we tend to ne’er place our dreadlocks during a hat, ponytail, braid or band till they’re 100 percent dry.

And that’s it! Following these 3 tips, your dreadlocks and you may look nice this summer. Enjoy it!

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