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Drugs used to treat Erectile Dysfunction


There are several types of medicines available to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Some of these include Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, etc. These medicines are easily obtainable both offline and online. The type of ED medicine you must take depends on several factors. These are your age, health, need, place of stay, and more.

Be it any reason, you may want to get a medicine that fights ED quickly. Also, it is a genuine medication, with fewer side effects, and that helps you last longer in bed. If these things are to be kept in mind, then you must know a few facts about the above-mentioned ED pills.

1.    Viagra

To treat ED specifically, you can always vouch on Viagra. It is a well-known medicine in the market for erectile dysfunction treatment. It works when there is some kind of sexual stimulation. You must take the pill with water and avoid crushing or chewing the tablet.

The active ingredient – Sildenafil comes in different doses. You can expect anywhere between 25mg to 100mg or above. The tablet works better on an empty stomach. However, you can also take it after a light meal. It increases blood flow to the male reproductive organ. It also boosts nitric oxide production in the genitals.

This allows the penile muscles to flex better. So, you can retain an erection for a longer duration. You can expect the medicine to last in effect for up to 4 to 6 hours. Take only one pill in 24 hours. Do not overdose, as it may cause disturbing effects.

Those who overdose may suffer from priapism, increased heartbeat, dizziness, stroke, etc. This medicine is not meant for women or teenagers. If you are 18 years of age and above, only then it is safe to intake this ED pill. So, use the product with precaution to get the best out of it.

Today, you can buy Viagra online at almost every internet outlet that sells men’s health medications. But you must check the reviews of the seller or provider to know if they are genuine. Or, you can even purchase it on prescription from a nearby pharmacy.

2.    Kamagra

This is another ED medication that contains Sildenafil. The active ingredient resolves male impotence quickly. It hardly takes about an hour or less to start functioning in the body. It gives a person the power to get an erection for up to 4 to 6 hours. Also, it is available in almost every pharmacy.

You can buy Kamagra online in bulk, as the pills are cost-effective. The medicine is present in pill format. But you can even obtain it in jelly or soft tablet form. This product belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors. You must not intake alcohol and grapefruit juice or oily food items when on this medicine.

The dosage depends on a person’s requirements and health. The standard dose is 100mg. But the same can differ after reviewing the progress of the treatment. You must however not use the pill for recreation. Those who have uncontrollable blood pressure, heart/liver/kidney disease, must also look for an alternative.

3.    Cialis

The primary ingredient in this ED medication is Tadalafil. It is for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The doctor can even prescribe the pill for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). The medicine works wonders for male impotence. It gives the ability to achieve an erection for up to 36 hours.

This is the reason why ED medicine is a bit expensive. However, you can buy Generic Cialis online, which is pocket-friendly compared to the brand medication. The tablet blocks the action of the cGMP-specific PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type-5) enzyme. By doing so, it relaxes the penile smooth muscles.

In turn, the penile blood vessels widen and function as vasodilation. Thus, the blood circulation to the male reproductive organ increases. The same leads to a hard-on, eliminating erectile dysfunction. So, this serves as an attractive prospect for men suffering from ED.

And if you want to purchase the brand medication but are worried about the cost, there is also cheap Cialis online at discount. The dosage is usually 10mg. But the physician can decrease or increase it to 5mg or 20mg, respectively as per the patient’s health.

To Sum it Up

Generic or branded medication does not matter as long as the product helps you tackle impotence safely. Some of the medicines are more easily purchasable on the internet. This is because there is no risk to privacy. Also, you can refill the prescription quickly without leaving your comfort zone.

So, all three medicines – Viagra, Kamagra, and Cialis are leading medications in treating erectile dysfunction. You can take any of these as per need. Your doctor may prescribe you any of these or any other ED medication as per the product’s availability, your health, lifestyle, and other requirements.

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