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E-catering – Your Food Delight on the Trains

Travelling on a train is an adventure on its own. In India, trains are nothing less than second home for people. There is comfort, new friends, sleep, and most importantly, food. If you have already completed your online IRCTC train booking for future trips, there is some good news for you. Due to COVID-19, the Railways halted their catering services to control the outspread. Several trains were also not running, and some special trains were running to help passengers get from one point to another. Additionally, The Railway Ministry announced running trains using their standard train numbers to bring trains before COVID.    

In the meantime, Railway Board has decided to serve freshly prepared meals for passengers on Gatiman Express, Rajdhani Express, Vande Bharat, and Duronto Express trains. You can track the current status of these trains via the internet by using the different train ticket booking App.  

According to the news media, IRCTC will inform all Railway Zones of the exact time the pantry car will resume its service on the trains. In this respect, Zonal Railways will verify the cost of catering on the rates list and feeds the same in the PRS database. Passengers can book or opt-out of catering services in reservation time when they initiate IRCTC train booking.    

Additionally, IRCTC has asked Zonal Railway officials to notify those who have purchased tickets via SMS and emails about the reinstatement of catering on trains. Passengers with tickets and regular tickets can use catering services on trains after paying the fees in advance.    

If you have made reservations in advance but not selected catering services on the internet, freshly cooked food is available on request. They pay catering costs during the food delivery.    

Since the return of the meals cooked on trains, IRCTC Catering Service has brought some modifications to the menu on Vande Bharat Trains. For instance, customers used to have ice cream in dessert from the old menu. However, IRCTC is now serving Kaju-Pista Kheer in place of the ice cream.

How do you contact Indian Railways to get the help you need?  

Indian railways have provided helpline no. of 139. You can dial anytime from your phone and have several numbers designated to assist in a specific category, to choose yourself according to the arena of assistance.   

You can dial Numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 for Security helpline and medical assistance, inquiry, General complaints, Bribery and corruption charges or complaints, parcel or goods examination. Suppose you have any complaints in the category, assistance related to Trains operated under the IRCTC and Status of your complaint, respectively.   

Frequently Asked Questions  

What are IRCTC e-catering services? How does it Help the Passengers?   

To provide passengers with quality and diverse food choices, IRCTC has introduced e-catering services. E-catering service offered by IRCTC, which serves tasty food throughout all of its trains. Customers can make reservations for their meals using the tickets’ PNR numbers or the train’s number.  

It is interesting to note that along with IRCTC train booking, there are food facilities too. RailRestro had served healthy and clean food since the outbreak of COVID-19 when Railways stopped catering. Passengers can order a delicious meal via a website or app. You can also place an order through an appointment by calling 844-844-0386.  

Does catering service exist on trains?  

The answer is yes, IRCTC restored catering facilities for trains. The current menu is cooked meals offered only on specific trains such as Rajadhani, Duronto, Shatabdi, and Vande Bharat trains. The change has also led to new menus with various food items available to passengers. After the COVID-19 pandemic, IRCTC anticipates returning catering services to more trains if the situation improves. As of now, new rates of food are coming up into the system for the food & ticket booking of passengers.  

Do I have desserts on trains?  

It is possible to have dessert with IRCTC electronic catering partners such as RailRestro. In trains, they deliver popular Indian sweets such as Sandesh, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, and Jalebi. Regional desserts such as Ghevar in Rajasthan, Bebinca from Goa, Mysore Pak from Karnataka, along Peda in Mathura.  

Do I have access to non-vegetarian meals on trains?  

You can have delicious non-vegetarian food on the train, delivered right to your seat by RailRestro. While travelling, you can place an order to receive Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Mutton Kebab, Fish Curry, and other delicious non-vegetarian dishes. The food is served at the stations you choose to en-route the train you are travelling by. Local vegetarian dishes may also be available.


In the meantime, if you want to enjoy delicious meals that are served by catering services on trains, take a look at our blogs to know how to use the IRCTC train booking and Catering Service, Indian Railways, and Railway Stations in India. If you’re planning your journey by train, download the Train ticket booking application for train ticket booking. It will also help you know the routes and destinations of the trains to give railway passengers a hassle-free travel experience. You can also locate any IRCTC train on your mobile with these features. Additionally, you can also make reservations for tasty meals while travelling.  

To make travel more accessible and a hassle-free experience, book your tickets online and enjoy the food delivery IRCTC e-catering or its partner. 

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