Education vs Learning: How are they Different?

Deep thinking is something that is missing in the present generation. Presently, you can get all the answers to your questions if you search online. But some things need understanding. Thinking about the various phenomenon is essential. You will be unable to grow in life if you don’t ask questions and exercise your mind. You can always talk to people and discuss things that need attention. An important misconception among many is that education and learning are the two sides of the same coin. You might want to dig deep into these two aspects and understand the difference.

If you are in the misconception, here’s a discussion on the differences between education and learning. First, let’s try to understand the meanings of these two terms and learn how they are different from each other.

What is Education?

Mark Twain said, “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” You have come across this famous quote somewhere. But has that made you curious to know about the differences between these two aspects? Most of you will say, “yes, it has.” So, before diving into the differences, it is essential to know the meaning of these entities one by one. Let’s start with education and understand what it means.

Education has always been an essential part of society. It plays a pivotal role in the progress of society and individuals for write my assignment help.

Wait till you reach a conclusion. The following section will take you through the meaning of learning and will also give you clarity on the differences.

What is Learning?

Learning has a wider aspect. You cannot restrict learning to school, college or universities. You need to understand the aspect and work on the same properly. Learning helps you build yourself as a human being. It will help in personality development and instil values, skills and preferences.

Learning does not depend on your teachers only. You need to learn things and filter out the right ones for yourself. You should not always depend on someone to learn something. Learning starts from a very young age. You imitate things that you see at home. Most people grow up having the values and skills that they see around. The society you live in plays an important role in the learning process.

Overall, learning is not about what you read in the books. You need to understand the significance of values and learn things that will make you a good individual. It is essential to know the correct medium of learning. Students often face trouble choosing the right company and end up being on the wrong side. You need to understand the impact wrong learning can have and select the correct path.

By now, you might have understood the meaning of both terms. You might have also got a brief understanding of the differences. Let’s go through the significant differences between education and learning in the next section to make things easier.

Education vs Learning: Major Differences

When you take English homework help from the assignment help websites, what do you get? Is it education or learning? Well, you are in for both. On that note, let’s look into the key differences between education and learning.

  • Definition

Education is more of giving and receiving instructions systematically, preferably in a formal setting.

Learning is more about gaining knowledge, improving skills, instilling values, preferably through experience or educational lessons.

  • Knowledge

Education depends on the teacher or textbooks.

Learning is not restricted to textbooks and teachers. You can gain knowledge from various sources.

  • Guidance

You need a teacher or a mentor to get through education properly.

It is not necessary to have a teacher or a mentor for learning.

  • Motivation

Education is often driven by external motivation like marks, grades, degrees, etc.

Learning depends on how good a person you want to be and needs intrinsic motivation.

  • Process

Education follows a systematic approach.

Learning is voluntary and does not follow any systematic process.

  • Age

Education needs to be completed within a certain age.

Learning is not restricted to any age.

I hope these points can help you understand the differences between education and learning. You need to know and understand the essence of each. It is not wise to ignore any of these two elements. You need to find the correct ways to get educated and learn things well to be a good individual.

To end with,

Society depends on the people staying in it. You cannot ignore being a good individual or your responsibility towards society. Both education and learning are essential to writing your success story. People who ignore the various lessons their parents teach fail to make their presence felt in the future. Many still fail to differentiate between learning and education and feel both are the same. Don’t be in the misconception. Understand the terms well, and work on each properly. The blog will help you understand the differences between the terms and take both of them seriously.

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