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Electronic Cigarettes Explode

You’ve probably heard more than once from friends statements like: “vaping is more harmful than cigarettes”, “vaping does not help to quit smoking” or read loud headlines in various media in the spirit of “a schoolboy exploded a vape”, “another death from vaping”, “disastrous consequences dependence on vape – vape pen and vape flavor”.

Let’s play myth destroyers and analyze in detail how much truth these provocative and loud statements carry, whether it is worth believing in them and whether death from vaping can occur. Begin!

The first and most popular myth is that vapes explode. There are many precedents on the Internet, it can be articles or even a video, where you can see how this happens. Such content serves as anti-advertising for all vaping in general and forms a negative attitude towards the community. Let’s find out if a vape or vape pen can explode?

Spoiler alert: Yes, it can. But the likelihood is as low as with smartphone explosions, if not less.

Almost all cases of device ignition relate to mech mods, most models do not have protection against short circuits, and simple construction allows you to make mistakes, especially in inexperienced hands. No, you don’t need to be a vaping guru to use the device correctly, you just need to use original batteries that you can buy from our store, watch out for leaks and avoid short circuits. Also, in case of problems with the device, you can contact any of our branches, competent employees will always help and give the necessary advice.

And if you don’t know how to use the mech mod correctly, then don’t use the mech mod! If you are interested in analyzing all the nuances, we have an article in which we tell in as much detail as possible whether a vape pen or vape can explode.

Harmful Composition Of Liquid

The myth is that vape flavor has an unknown composition, and the components are harmful and release toxic substances when heated. Let’s go in order: All the components have long been known – these are food additives that do not pose a threat. Secondly, the release of hazardous substances when heated – there is some truth here, but not everything is so simple.

A loud statement that glycerin decomposes into acrolein when heated. Just so you know, acrolein is a toxic substance that corrodes the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract and can kill people in general. Fat burnt in a frying pan smells like acrolein – this smell is difficult to confuse with something. Let’s figure out how to get acrolein from VG and whether it is possible by vaping an electronic cigarette.

Acrolein can be obtained by dehydrating glycerin in laboratories, under ideal conditions and not without the help of catalysts … Some complicated words and scientific terms – nothing is clear.

Simply put, for glycerin to begin to decompose and release toxic substances, we need 100% glycerin, without propylene glycol and without the influence of the external environment, which is almost impossible to implement. Next, you need to heat it higher than 290’C and only then will we get a partial decomposition with a small release of toxic substances. This is not enough for us, we go even further, a large release of acrolein begins at 350’C – this is already interesting!

This means that our goal is to heat glycerin to 350’C, but how can we do this if we cannot get rid of external factors in everyday life? The working temperature of the spirals can also be limited by the taste of burnt cotton wool. That is, the temperature at which cotton or rayon can ignite is approximately 200-300’C. So be it, we will do without cotton wool to heat the coils more, and we will also not take into account the influence of the external environment.

Do not forget that we have 100% glycerin, which, not only will not give any taste, but we will also drip it directly onto the hot spiral, and then frantically try to inhale the pungent burnt aroma that has turned out. It sounds as stupid and unnatural as possible, and no one in ordinary life practices such experiments.

Yes! In theory, such conditions are necessary to decompose glycerin into toxic substances, but in practice, it is even more difficult. So you shouldn’t believe in loud headlines about the dangers of vaping. Most importantly, do not forget to clean the spirals and change the cotton wool in time, since carbon deposits, in turn, can also emit harmful substances for humans, albeit in small quantities.

Vape Addiction

Of course, vaping is addictive, this is not a myth, but the truth, because nicotine is used in the composition of liquids and vape flavor, which is addictive. Moreover, many vapers switched from cigarettes to steam and vape pen, that is, they replaced the bad habit with another, but less harmful one.

Even if you use a vape flavor without nicotine, you can raise the topic of psychological dependence on the very process of inhaling and exhaling steam, as a kind of ritual that we love so much.

Vape Is More Harmful Than Cigarettes

Another myth is that vaping is more harmful than cigarettes. It may include arguments from other myths, in which we have already figured out and refuted most of them. The point here is that people, having a limited part of the information, form hasty conclusions and believe in them, without understanding the issue in detail. We can tell you with confidence that vaping is not a useful hobby, but it is several times safer than smoking cigarettes.

Death By Vape

Quite a popular myth that people die from vaping, what to say – there is some truth here. In America, more than ten deaths from electronic cigarettes were recorded, but all of them were associated with attempts to use drugs using vaping, and the devices themselves were acquired through the darknet and other dubious sources, which, in fact, did not bring these people to good.

The abbreviation ENDS – Electronic nicotine delivery systems, already in plain text, tells us for what purpose electronic cigarettes were developed. In the entire history of vaping, there have been no vaping fatalities other than these Americans. So you do not need to experiment, and also break the law to try to hover something for which the vape is not intended.


As you can see, most of the myths about vaping are sometimes exaggerated or distorted information, and many of the studies that have been conducted may have been sponsored by the tobacco companies – which means they cannot be called independent. Based on this, it can be assumed that the main goal of these studies was to focus more on the dangers of electronic cigarettes. After all, if you start delving into the essence of the arguments that are trying to somehow stigmatize vaping, it becomes clear that most of them are inflation from an elephant fly.

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