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English Matrimonial Traditions Explained

Weddings are not just magical, they are also more auspicious with a lot of traditions. The traditions and customs differ from country to country and community to community. There are 193 countries in the world and traditions in each country differ from one another. The wedding traditions will differ within each country.

The wedding ceremony and traditions differ based on criteria like religion, caste, community and much more. Even though the emotions and feelings are similar in most weddings. They differ based on how they are carried out like the traditions, customs and ceremonies. We are going to look at the explanation of the English matrimonial traditions. 

English matrimonials are no different from Christian matrimony in India. Everything is mostly similar in Indian Christian matrimony and English matrimonial. Let’s look at the explanation for some of the English matrimonial traditions. 

White Dress

Most people think of it as a custom in the English matrimonial, but it is not. Because historically speaking the brides wore wedding dresses of any colour of their choice. Brides have also worn different colours apart from the typical white colour dress. It was until 1840 that Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. 

Because during their wedding, Queen Victoria wore an ivory-white gown, which becomes a trendy wedding dress. Since that wedding, brides in the English matrimonials started wearing white dresses. Queen Victoria has become a trendsetter with this one move of her life. 

Wedding Rings

We are aware of this ceremony, where the bride and groom will exchange rings right after their vows. But this custom of exchanging rings dated back to Old Egypt, where the tradition of exchanging circular rings began. The circular shape is to resemble eternity, which means that their wedding will be eternal. 

The Egyptians even had a scientific reason for wearing wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand. Because they believed that this has the origin of vena amoris or the vein of love. They also believed that this vein is leading all the way to the heart. Because of this reason, they started wearing wedding rings on their left hand. Eventually, this tradition has been followed in the English matrimonials as well. 

Bouquet Toss

Initially, bouquet toss was more barbaric than what is happening today. It was during the 15th century in Britain when a strange tradition was followed at the end of the wedding. During this tradition, people will tear a part of the bride’s attire. It can be a piece of cloth from her dress or flowers or even hair. 

Because it is believed to bring luck to those who have a piece of the bride’s attire. As time goes on, this tradition seems rude and people will get more rage to get a piece for themself. So instead of letting the invitees acquire, the tradition evolved to come to where it is now. Nowadays the bride has to throw her bouquet and a lucky person from the group behind her has to catch the bouquet. 

Wedding Cake

Another wedding tradition played an important part in the English matrimonials. Initially, the tradition was that the groom has to kiss the bride who was over a pile of bread rolls. Over time this tradition changed around the 1800s. During the English matrimonial, the relatives will leave a pie under the bride’s pillow. And then the groom has to find that piece. 

This tradition has further evolved into what is happening today. Nowadays the bride and groom cut a slice from the wedding cake and feed it to each other. Because this is less messy than the other methods. 

These are some of the most common traditions in English matrimonials. Even though most people follow the tradition without knowing their meaning of them. And we hope this will add some insights into the English matrimonial traditions. There are many other traditions in the English matrimonials which have a unique meanings. 

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