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Essential Components of Any Gaming PC by PC Builders.net

A desktop computer can be an assembly set. It’s a lot of fun and available to all. In this regard there’s nothing wrong with making gaming computers from parts bought from a retail store. In actual fact, Computer Part Picker Websites are accessible to those who want to learn more.

How to Choose a Processor?

There are two major manufacturers of computer processors around all over the globe: Intel as well as AMD. Based on old data it was easy to describe the advantages and disadvantages of each processor manufacturer, however recently everything has changed and AMD has been ahead of Intel technology. So, we’ll restrict ourselves to general recommendations on a PC for home use.

  • If your budget isn’t restricted, then it’s recommended to go with Intel.
  • If you’re putting together the best budget-friendly computer to work from home then it is sensible to consider the options from both companies. It is likely that AMD is more affordable.
  • If you are building gaming computers you should use Intel.
  • If you are building a computer for rendering, editing and other tasks that require a lot of effort the two companies have great solutions. It is all dependent on the card you select to work. If NVIDIA is the case, then Intel. If Radeon is the case, then AMD.

Both companies run a large variety of processor lines. Being confused with them is as simple as making a mess of pears. But, there aren’t too many chips suitable for home assembly. we have listed them specifically to help you out on the website.

How to Choose a Motherboard?

To allow the processor you have selected to be installed in the right place within the motherboard you have to be aware of the size of it. This is known as Socket. For instance, if you choose to build a new PC using the Intel Core i5-7600 processor, you will require an Intel motherboard that has Socket LGA1151.

There are numerous variables, however you only need three. The first one is the form factor. If you are using a home PC the choice is atx or smaller variant of MATX. You’ve probably already realized that this is essential to determine the final choice of the case. The second factor is the number of slots that can be used for RAM and the maximum capacity. Of course, it’s best to select a motherboard with four connectors so that you have enough room to upgrade your machine. The third factor is the number of PCI Express slots for installing video cards. If you’re creating an editing or gaming beast for entertainment in 4K then it’s better to have two slots. In other situations only one is sufficient.

How to Choose a Video Card?

There are two different producers of videos cards designed for computer systems that are on our planet. The first one that you know from the processors is AMD with its own video adapters dubbed Radeon. The second one is NVIDIA that comes equipped with GeForce GTX accelerators for graphics and, in terms of market share, it’s way ahead of its rival. In the end, it appears the Radeon is for people looking to save money. GeForce is for people who require the highest performance and are willing to spend more.

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