Essential tips for managing telecommuting employees

Maybe the company is in a situation where all or some of the employees have to work remotely, and maybe you have been hired to manage a group whose members are in a different part of the country.

Essential tips for managing telecommuting employees

In recent years, telecommuting has grown rapidly and has spread faster than other forms of work. Of course, this is not surprising.

However, telecommuting and managing telecommuting employees also have their own problems, and to achieve productivity and progress, you must consider some points.

In this article, we are going to provide you with the challenges and benefits of telecommuting and get to know the important points of telecommuting staff management. If you have recently managed a group of telecommuters or you want to improve your management style, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

Benefits of telecommuting.

The spread of telecommuting is inevitable, and you will soon have to go for it. In general, it is very useful to provide telecommuting opportunities for the employees of the company, yourself, and the whole company. According to surveys.

Essential tips for managing telecommuting employees

The number of telecommuters working more than forty hours a week is higher than other employees; Because telecommuters usually enjoy more of what they do, telecommuting is less stressful. Of course, this is just one of the many benefits of telecommuting for employees, managers, and companies.

Group management education in the School of Management Sloan MIT (MIT Sloan School of Management) in a study entitled “Evaluation of the quality of life ” such reports when staff admins at work flexible (eg, agreed as part of the work as teleworking), it Employees are more willing to continue working with the company.

Dr. Peter Hirst, of the same UAE group, used these findings to flexibly manage his work schedule to change his team’s understanding of telecommuting. He wanted to see what happens when the team’s perception of telecommuting changes and they see it as a normal opportunity that anyone on the team can take advantage of instead of a rare point.

The results obtained are obvious and need not be explained:
  • 90% reported that their family and personal life had improved;
  • Eighty-five percent said their stress had decreased;
  • 80% said their mood and interaction had improved;
  • 62% felt more trust and respect ;
  • 93% believed that their cooperation was better than before.

All of this is achieved by enabling telecommuting. Teleworking is more than just a breakthrough in technology; With telecommuting, you can improve your way of working, managing, and leading. Of course, telecommuting is not just an advantage; It also has its own challenges.

5 Essential tips for managing telecommuting employees

Employee management challenges during telecommuting.

It is true that providing telecommuting in the group has considerable advantages, But it also has problems. Most managers are not yet familiar with the challenges of managing employees during telecommuting. Teleworking differs from the usual work structure in several ways. There are also new and unique challenges in the hiring and management process that managers never pay attention to.

Without telecommuting experience, it is difficult to predict the challenges facing employees. In the following, we will explain a little more about some of the main challenges of telecommuting so that you can better understand what problems telecommuting employees will

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