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Everything you need to Know about Cement Before construction

When people build a house, they plan on many things. They consider how much money they want for building materials and other things, but cannot compromise on cement expenses because they want to make a strong and durable house.

When you’re building a house, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the materials you’ll use. One of those options is cement. Cement is the building substance that binds together all the other substances, replacing clay and lime, which ruled the construction industry for hundreds of years. India is home to the second largest Cement Industry in the world and accounts for over 8% of the global installed capacity. Cement has the ability to hold together structures and make them sturdy. It has made modern construction possible, ensuring long service.

Cement can be used to build any type of structure. In fact, one cement may be made up of several different types of materials (such as sand and clay). When used in reinforced concrete, cement forms a protective barrier that helps prevent cracks from spreading and holds together all the other parts of the structure. Good cement makes concrete and masonry workable. It also helps the concrete and masonry to harden early and resist moisture.

There are limitations to using natural materials like lime and clay in construction projects. But manufacturers today produce cement in controlled conditions. Cement is very inexpensive,  making it a good substitute for other binding materials like polymers. Therefore, it is demandable in many developing countries.

The characteristics of cement, such as its temperature and consistency, affect the properties of concrete and mortar. Cement’s use is dependent on the strength desired, environmental factors such as climate and location, and nature of structure i.e. mass concrete or hollow blocks. 

Types of cement-

OPC- It has the property of early setting. It costs you more and is not environmentally friendly. 

PPC- During un-friendly weather conditions, PPC cement is the best choice for construction. 

PSC- This is the best cement used in the marine environment. It has the property of generating low heat during hydration which results in lesser cracks. 

MP Birla cement is the top cement in India. It has fulfilled the expectation of many home buyers, providing them with the strong home of their dreams. One of the premium products by MP Birla is MP Birla Cement Chetak. This cement is durable and has a longer lifespan as it is tougher than any construction. It doesn’t require regular maintenance. The unique elements present in the cement prevent the steel bars within concrete reinforcements from rusting. This cement is finer, has super strength, and has great adhesive qualities that create a more flexible and resilient cement mix for construction.

MP Birla Cement Chetak is used to construct roofs, basements, and water tanks, making the constructions stronger, durable & water-resistant. The extra fine grains of the cement deter seepage. It keeps the construction dense and water-resistant.

Therefore, build your dream house with MP Birla Cement, the top cement in India, and provide a safe space for your family. 

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