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Everything You Need to Know About Lottery

Playing the lottery is one of the best ways to get your hands on a large sum of money.

The game of lottery is

extremely exciting,

and there are millions of lottery tickets sold every day. If you want to dive into this game and try your luck, here’s all you need to know about international and Indian lottery results, the rules and lottery results today.
Domestic and International Lottery

is legal

in India

to play the lottery,

and it is controlled by The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998.

There a few states that conduct the game officially and their operations are overseen by the government. These states organize their daily and festive lotteries to increase their revenue.


are solely


some offer you the option of buying tickets online through their official websites.

Apart from the domestic games, the Indian law also allows you to take part in international lotteries. Several online casinos offer international games, and you get the prize in real money if you win. However, all wins, domestic or international, are subject to taxation.

Some famous international lotteries are:

UK Lotto
El Gordo

How to Play Lottery

Online Lottery:

You pick an online casino or a state lottery to place your bets. These tickets will have a set of numbers, digits or alphabets based on the rules of the game. You pick any number of tickets based on your budget. You pay for these tickets through any online payment mode. If you are playing an international lottery, you might need a credit card or a PayPal account. Each game will have its draws scheduled. When the draw is conducted, match your numbers to the numbers drawn. Check the rules to know if you have won. If you do, you can claim your prize instantly. If you play an international lottery, you can have the amount wired to your bank account.

Paper-based Lottery:

Each state has different rules for the lottery. While some allow you to purchase online tickets, some may require you purchase paper tickets through lottery agents. These states publish the results on their website as well as local newspapers. If you win, you will be contacted by the government of that state and/or your agent to claim your prizes.

Types of Tickets

There are four basic types of tickets that you can buy when playing online lottery.
Single ticket: This is exactly how the name suggests. This ticket is valid for a single draw only. If the numbers match, you win. If they don’t, you will have to buy another ticket to play again.

Multi-draw: This type of ticket allows you to play one ticket for multiple draws. The number of draws is usually between 4-12. The prices vary according to the draws you choose. A multi-draw ticket allows you to increase your chances of winning at a lower price.

Subscription: A subscription is similar to the multi-draw with a variation. It does not have an end date. You can keep placing the same ticket for draws until you cancel your subscription.

Pool: You can pool in your money with other players to buy multiple tickets.




any wins,

all the money is divided among the players equally or according to their investment share. This minimizes your liability and increases your chances of winning.

How to Pick Numbers

There is no validated method of choosing winning lottery numbers. However, some expert lottery players take the help of spirituality, Vedic numerology as well as mathematics to choose their numbers carefully. Here are some numbers which are generally chosen and avoided by lottery players worldwide:

Number 8:

Saturn is signified by the number 8 in Vedic Numerology. Saturn is considered inauspicious, hence is usually avoided.

Number 13:

While this number is considered unlucky in the western world, many Indian players choose 13 as it is considered auspicious by the Hindu Calendar.



the numbers

which have been proven to be lucky for you.
If you are playing online, you can even take time to research a pattern within the drawn numbers.

Choose the ones which are drawn frequently (hot numbers) to increase your odds.

Playing the lottery does not require skill or a large bankroll to go home with big wins. Try your hand at a game of lottery, today!

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