Exclusive interview with Jole Figliomeni- Founder of M.A.S business solutions

This week, we spoke with Jole Figliomeni, the founder of M.A.S business solutions. She shares how M.A.S business solutions have been helping SMEs in business growth. Her commitment and willingness to drive growth for her clients have made her a successful businesswoman. 

In the interview, Jole Figliomeni talks about M.A.S business solutions. Here are the insights from the interview. 

1. Tell us something about M.A.S business solutions?

M.A.S is a consulting firm committed to driving growth for private and public sector companies. We help organizations face business challenges and adopt digital paths to help them take advantage of opportunities provided by technology. We have a team of professionals committed to offering the highest standards of services. 

2. What’s the mission of your company?

MAS business solutions were started in May 2020 with a mission to facilitate growth for SMEs by supporting them in implementing digitization and overcoming the present and future challenges. 

Since our inception, we have collaborated with some of the best companies, helping them drive growth and taking their business to the next level. 

3. Where do you see M.A.S business solutions in the next five years? What are your growth plans?

In the future, we aim to help businesses achieve their goals with our business solutions. We hope to serve our clients by helping them achieve their business objectives. Apart from that, we have plans of expanding our business to different countries. 

4. What sort of services do you provide?

MAS business solutions provide organizations with a high value-added platform of skills in reference and international markets. We offer outsourcing and temporary management solutions and a vast spectrum of services, including organization re-engineering, organization audits, skills outsourcing, and implementation of piloting services. 

5. Walk us through the journey of M.A.S business solutions from the first few months to one year?

Human resources are the most vital asset of a company. So, my foremost priority was to build a strong team that shares the same vision as me. I wanted to create a strong foundation of M.A.S based on honesty, transparency, and professionalism. Today, we have a vast team of 50+ professionals who not only share a common vision but also believe that we are transforming organizations with our business solutions. 

6. What are your roles and responsibilities as a business owner?

Since I laid the foundation of M.A.S business solutions, I have been actively involved in each and every aspect of the business. I manage various aspects right from monitoring business reorganization projects to implementing internal control systems and monitoring project portfolios.  

7. What makes your business unique from others?

It’s’ the caliber of our team. We are blessed to have a team of the best professionals who carry the skills and experience of providing the highest quality services. Our clients have often praised us for the quality of our services. And I personally believe that the biggest factor behind the growth and success of M.A.S is the dedication and commitment of our highly specialized team. It could not have been possible without them. 

Many thanks for your valuable time, Jole. It was wonderful speaking with you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. 

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