Export Gmail Emails to PST?

In this article, we have discussed a major solution on how to ship Gmail emails to PST files

In this article, we have discussed a major solution on how to ship Gmail emails to PST files. Check what issues are hit by the Gmail mail and how to prevent it from impacting your account data.

In today’s internet age, when email is the multiple preferred way of communication, we can find nearly all eyeballs glued at their everyday emails; there would only be very few users not availing this widespread communication medium.

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In light of such internet penetration the world over, using web-based email media are the ideal and the most proficient way of improving data trades.

Gmail Mail is being used all over the world by millions and millions of email users for the purpose of assuming out an assured mailing. However, there is a major glitch- A security Threat. Gmail! accomplishes provide backups due to which it falls back in the ranking of Email Customers due to which export Gmail Emails to PST has become common.

Gmail Emails to PST

Why Export Gmail Mails?

Though Gmail has tried fairly on the trustworthiness part, still, owing to some of the shallow reasons, this dependability shakes as these factors are likely to affect Gmail’s email accounts and also the information that is stored in all these email accounts of users worldwide which make it’s unsafe to use. There is a big group that transfers Gmail Emails to PST (Outlook) because of the safety purpose still Gmail! hasn’t made any endeavor to resolve the safety threats.

Exterior Factors Sabotaging Gmail Security

Some of the external factors influencing the security of using Gmail accounts that lead the user to export Gmail Emails to PST are as follows:

Data thefts

  • Hackers’ intent to damage the system
  • Unwanted virus intrusions into the systems
  • Issues with Gmail Security
  • There is a question that arises from the above discussion Why Export Gmail Emails to PST? In Gmail Email, all the users’ emails get saved on the server without creating any replicas to be held on the local hard disk drive. Because of this, users ought to look for different methods for endowing up their Gmail emails.

So, owing to this drawback, if a user’s performance gets felled and emails get erased, then there does no life anyway to get those failed emails back other than Gmail mail folder restoration.

There was a time when users noticed a series of Gmail-Outages that totally disparaged the image of Gmail-Mail and users of Gmail Mail were totally blocked from getting access to their email invoices. That’s not all; there’s more! This thing even impacted users’ work a great deal and some users’ email accounts were also being deleted. Then we learn to restore Gmail Mails.

Speaking statistically, this problem occurred to involve only one percent of users, but if we estimate this in the numbers of users affected, then even one percent accounts for a huge number of Gmail mail users. This problem was very hard the grip and a lot many users can’t stop themselves to load Gmail-Mail to Outlook as well.

Gmail Email Backup Manual Solution

If the number of emails is less, then one can easily restore Gmail mail folders by copying the content of the emails and pasting that to MS Word documents and then save those.

Gmail Email Backup Automated Solution

For a larger digit of emails of any Gmail email account, any right 3rd-party software can be used for assembling a backup. One of the most demanding things is the Gmail Backup software which is competent in exporting Gmail emails to computers by having backups in a proficient manner.

Steps to Export Gmail Emails to PST:

  • Download and Install the Gmail backup tool
  • Log in with Gmail account credentials
  • Select format to export Gmail Emails to PST /EML /MSG /PDF /MBOX
  • Browser location for saving Gmail mail file
  • Click on Start to export Gmail emails to the computer

export Gmail emails to pst

Choose the PST format to save the Gmail emails in the Outlook data file. This file then can be imported into any version of Outlook or even can be imported to Gmail.

Computing Up

The blog discussed the procedure to back up or to load Gmail Emails to PST, the system’s hard disk drive using either the manual method or by using Gmail Backup software.

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