Facts Everyone Should Know About Pattern Driveways

Pattern Driveways

When we hear the word driveway, it always gives the feeling of the path leading to a home—a smooth, bright, and furnished look without any hurdles and bumps in the way. Get to know more about concrete pattern driveways prices ahead in this blog.

History of Concrete:

The herald to concrete was invented in about 1300B.C. when middle eastern builders found the thin damp coating of burned limestones that hardened their pounded-clay fortress. Because it reacted chemically with gases in the air to form a hard, protective surface was not concrete but was the first introduction of cement by humans.

Concrete is a building material, and the ingredients, of which cement is just one, have changed over time, and even they are still changing.

By about 5600 BC, in the former country of Yugoslavia and now’s Serbia, homes were using a type of concrete for floors.

Historic Buildings

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • The Great Wall Of China
  • The Pantheon in Italy.
  • Wards Castle in America.
  • Court Street in Bellefontaine
  • 25 Rue Franklin in Paris, France
  • Risorgimento Bridge,Rome.
  • The Fiat-Lingotto Autoworks in Turin, Italy
  • Orly Airport Paris.
  • A saddle roof on a church in Boulder, Colorado
  • The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia
  • Hoover Dam, Nevada, America.
  • Grand Coulee Dam, Washington, America

With all those historic buildings, many high-rise buildings nowadays are made of concrete, including The world’s tallest Building, THE BURJUL KHALIFA.

History of Pattern Driveways

The Driveway trend started first in the 1890s when people used horses and horse carts for their locomotion. Before that era, there were only dirt and muddy ways. So When people started to be extra creative in creating curves and bending with mud, they made clay tiles and cut stones.

The real change in the history of driveways was the introduction of pebbles on the road surface with walkways made up of flagstone. The introduction of motor cars increases the demand for driveways.

In 1901 the tarmac was invented. Tarmac and concrete were the items in demand back then, but they were also expensive to make it efficient in a pocket, So the two strip driveways were introduced. After two strips, people stat inventing different styles and creative ideas as motor vehicles’ popularity increased. Other driveways have become trends like resin, tarmac, gravel, pattern imprinted concrete, and Indian flagstone in past years.

Concrete Patterns

Concrete patterns soon came up to complement the rather primary and early dull-colored options available.

Nowadays, customers have the largest selections of patterns in concrete history.

Modern Patterns

  • Seamless textures
  • Wood planks
  • Cut stones
  • Traditional patterns:
  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Cobblestone
  • Old World patterns
  • European fan
  • cobblestones
  • Slate
  • Other popular patterns Driveways:
  • Ashlar slate
  • Brick
  • Sandstone
  • Cut cobblestone
  • Roman texture slate

There is a wide range of expenditures with a range of colors and concrete patterns for driveways.

Concrete Pattern Driveways Prices

  • Typical price range is $9 and $16.25 per square foot
  • A basic design costs $7 per square foot
  • Complex pattern $25.25 per square foot.

Prices can vary depending on the slab’s shape, pattern complexity, and strength.

  • In Pattern Concrete Driveway:
  • Typical size=24×24 (576 sq ft)
  • Average cost rate=$5,184 to $9,360
  • High end cost=$14,544
  • Other Factors Affecting On Pattern Driveway Cost:
  • Design Complexity: More design, more cost
  • Thickness: The thickness of the slab is effecting on the pocket.
  • Shape: Unusual shape, more labor cost.
  • Reinforcements: More reinforcements, less crack in a slab, more on a wallet.
  • Grade of Concrete: It determines quality and cost.
  • Location: Uneven surface and poor drainage lead to high costs.
  • Concrete Removal: Concrete removal will cost extra.

Concrete material and labor vary on the region of your choice of style and the area of your driveways.

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