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Facts Know About Before Selling On Amazon

Customers nowadays prefer to buy through the internet, so sellers must achieve certain visibility on Amazon which is the largest online multiple company shopping platform in the world. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for merchants to succeed on multiple-shopping websites. Market trends, the current state of the firm, and their target audience should all matter when choosing a digital distribution method. This post is developed just for Amazon sellers and will focus on how to attract attention and create sales prospects.  Read to learn the must know facts before starting selling on amazon.

Why Work With Amazon?

Amazon allows customers to purchase almost anything with only a few mouse clicks. Because Amazon is a massive market with such shopping activities, many store owners will find their group of consumers with purchasing power on this website. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As a result, store owners should know what services Amazon provides. 

If you are still unsure of how to sell on Amazon and where to begin, look at the following nine aspects provided by Nine University:

The Buy Box

The “Buy Box” is a feature on the product information page where customers can start shopping by adding goods to their cart. The Recommended Seller is assigned as the primary source of sales on Amazon. Amazon chooses who gets the buy box based on the following factors:

  • Does the seller have a professional seller account?
  • Product positioning
  • Items in stock
  • Eligibility 

Amazon Fulfilment

Amazon Fulfilment is a service that allows you to send your items to an Amazon fulfilment centre. This approach will keep you from becoming overburdened with chores like making invoices, shipping, and providing customer assistance. FBA program also aids you in obtaining more priority in terms of winning the buy box. One of the most notable advantages of amazon fulfilment, as pointed out by Nine University, is the possibility of contacting Amazon Prime customers with substantial purchasing power. 

List Of Merchant Offers 

Obtaining a position in the Buy Box is highly difficult and unlikely for your store. But, not everyone is entitled to such a positive brand placement. Millions of vendors are still earning well and profiting from Merchants’ Offers List purchases.

To achieve a high ranking in this list, the vendor should pay attention to the following signals:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Offerings with Competitive Added Value
  • When did the vendor start selling on Amazon?
  • The number of Amazon reviews

In the long run, this ranking element can best execute its capability. In the situation, where the seller wants to get into the market faster, two shortcuts can get them there right away:

To get a better seller ranking initially, sell a product with fewer competitors.

Try giving the most attractive item on “Amazon’s Most Wished” For a super-competitive price.

Well-Performing Sellers

Retailers who perform well on Amazon have a few things in common. These commonalities are that;

  1. They sell one-of-a-kind items.
  2. They sell specific or recreational products.
  3. Their products can be repaired.

Perform admirably on amazon. Possessing an authorized retailer URL and a fully branded website is essential. It can help build trust and authority, encouraging buyers to memorize your site rather than the dozens of others.

Taking control of your website and branding, in other words, allows you to attain sole monopoly, autonomous advertising strategies, and a significant audience beyond Amazon.

 The Amazon Product Association

A product can only be placed once in Amazon’s catalog. Hence, building a secondary product information site for it is pointless, as it will be erased quickly by Amazon’s inventory management system.

Match your product to one of the product detail pages; this will give your product a chance to be listed.

Shopping Methods

Amazon does not need new sellers to offer all delivery options straight away. Some shipping methods are exclusively granted to merchants who have a track record of delivering on time at a slower shipping pace.

Joining FBA is an excellent way to circumvent limited delivery options, as FBA products are automatically eligible for Prime Free Two-Day Shipping.

Shipping Charges

Amazon calculates delivery costs based on the seller’s location, the customer’s address, and the product’s weight. But, there are times when the amount Amazon refunds do not correspond to the actual delivery cost. Make sure that you’ve given the correct item weight and measurements in such a situation. If you’re having trouble earning again despite shipping costs, your pricing is likely too low. There is some merit in increasing the price of a product to offset Amazon’s overestimations, Nine University says. 

Shipping Charges


Amazon merchants are not permitted to pay for Seller Account reviews, and any seller who engages in such unequal behaviour risks losing their Amazon Seller Account. The only approach to earning a positive rating is to satisfy customers through product pricing, additional services, polite and knowledgeable customer communication, and a professional work attitude.

The customer will have a positive experience and will testify for you on their own.

Selling Policies 

Some policies have effects on your Amazon business, whether directly or indirectly. Before selling, you should go over the following policies:

  • Policy on Selling
  • Policy on shipping
  • Policies and pacts
  • Page Rules for Product Details:
  • Prohibited seller acts and behaviours


Getting started with Amazon integration is akin to preparing for a slew of new prospects and obstacles. The performance of your Amazon business, along with other shopping channels, will be optimal when you understand the basics of Amazon. Once you’ve chosen to sell on Amazon, it’s a good idea to thoroughly comprehend your business situation and know what you’re getting yourself into. Nine University promises that if you focus on what your company needs and wants, you can achieve a higher level of success with your online business.

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