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Features of Chocolate Boxes to Improve the Perception of Packaging

If you want to improve the perception of your packaging, consider implementing features of chocolate boxes that can be helpful for your business. These features can be customizable, flexible in shape and size, and lamination. These factors can help you win over people’s attention and boost sales. Let’s explore a few of them. After reading this article, you should be well-equipped to choose the right chocolate boxes for your business.

Custom-shaped windows

Increasingly, manufacturers are opting for custom-shaped window chocolate boxes to stand out from the crowd. Consumers like these windowed boxes because they give an eye-catching glimpse of the chocolates inside. Such boxes are usually made of kraft paper, which is a great option for preserving the shape of chocolates. Aside from maximizing the visibility of chocolates, custom-shaped windows can also boost the perceived value of the packaging.

If you want to boost the perceived value of your custom chocolate packaging, customize it by adding different-sized windows. You can also add ribbons and labels, or print branded stickers. The windows can be customized according to the type of product. Innovative designs can help highlight the product. These boxes make the entire shopping experience more memorable. For example, a chocolate box with a custom-shaped window has a heart-shaped window panel.

Versatility in size and shape

For a better impression of your chocolate packaging, customize the box in any way you can think of. For example, you can add windows to the box and have dividers to keep the chocolate in place. Custom boxes with windows can minimize the need for plastic bags and allow you to use fewer print materials on your chocolate packaging. Alternatively, you can simply use clear windows to showcase your chocolate.


Chocolate boxes can be created in various styles and shapes. They can be made from cardboard, kraft, or rigid material. The most common types of chocolate boxes are cardboard or rigid. Kraft boxes are a great choice for environmentally friendly packaging. Customizing chocolate boxes can be a great way to highlight the brand of chocolate inside. Listed below are some tips for customizing chocolate boxes. And don’t forget to consider the size, customization, and personalization options available for these boxes.

Chocolate boxes can benefit from different types of lamination. It adds a smooth finish that encourages customer interaction, and it adds strength to the box. The surface of the box can also be embossed or debossed to enhance its appearance. A spot gloss coating is another option. This type of lamination is applied using heat and pressure to create a shiny finish.

Digital printing

While designing your own custom printed boxes or chocolate boxes, you must consider the number of chocolates it holds and the size of the box. You can also add a sustainability label to enhance brand recognition. If you want to increase sales, use packaging that promotes environmental awareness. The perception of your packaging will increase with the right design. Here are some tips to improve it. Firstly, think about the consumer base. Are you targeting a younger crowd or an older one? If you’re targeting teenagers, go for bright and trendy designs. For the older crowd, go for simple and soft colors. Adding an image to the box can help gain customers but remember to make it simple enough so that it does not distract the customers from the chocolate itself.

Another advantage of digital printing is its versatility. The digital process can mimic 97% of the Pantone color spectrum. In addition, you can make minor color adjustments, test designs, and change color schemes without going through a costly trial and error process. Digitally printed packaging reduces waste and costs. Many consumers value the environmental benefits of digitally printed products. Digital printing also enables you to explore a wider range of materials and designs, which increases your options for personalization.

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