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Four Apartment Directions – Pros and Cons to know

The sub-optimal orientation of an apartment is essential as it can affect the comfort and lifestyle. The direction your apartment faces has multiple effects, with sunlight being the most important. Too much sunlight on your apartment, front or back, can be detrimental, and you should choose it wisely. Selecting a cardinal direction for your new property or apartment can have various consequences, and we will explore the untapped aspects in this post. We have put together the pros and cons of four apartment directions you should know before purchasing or renting. Keep walking with us to know more!

Four apartment directions:

Should your new apartment face North, South, East, or West? The decision is quite critical, and you should rush it without exploring the multiple aspects of each direction. Each side has its benefits and drawbacks that we will uncover in a few minutes. If you are interested in knowing these points, you are at the right place. Let us jump into the topic without any further ado!

1. North-face apartments – Pros:

Do you want to ward off brutal heat from the summer sun? Opting for a north-facing apartment could be a wise decision. These apartments are favorable in warmer regions where you can take the sunlight at your apartment back. Here are a few advantages of opting for these houses or apartments.

  • Favorable for warmer regions
  • Reduced energy demands in these apartments
  • Cooled apartments during the summer season
  • The front does not catch excessive heat
  • The driveway will stay away from excessive heat
  • Residents can also benefit from clothes-drying in the backyard

North-face apartments – Cons:

However, these apartments are not always beneficial. Residents can experience a few drawbacks that will explain in the coming lines.

  • A poor choice in colder climates
  • Less natural lighting at the front and driveway
  • More lighting at the back
  • Increased heater operations mean higher consumption of energy

2. South-face apartments – Pros:

We all know that the North and South are opposite, and consequently, the benefits and drawbacks will work in reverse. It is a type of orientation that allows your apartment to catch sunlight all day long and can play a handy role in your apartment’s mood. Here are a few advantages of a south-faced apartment you should know.

  • A wise choice in colder regions
  • An efficient choice for absorbing solar heat
  • Your apartment will capture more sunlight in the south part
  • The driveway will require less snow-shoveling

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South-face apartments – Cons:

Despite having multiple advantages, a south-facing apartment can have a few drawbacks on the list that you must never overlook. Here are a few to enlighten your mind.

  • A biting sun during the summer
  • Less-front facing sunlight
  • Energy inefficiency during summers

Before you finalize your apartment in such an area, make sure you explore both the positives and negatives of these apartments for good.

3. East-face apartments – Pros:

So far, we have been talking about south and north, which are great for energy maximization or efficiency. The next section – East and West – is all about the lifestyle and comfort. East-facing residential properties can have the following advantages for residents.

  • An optimal choice for morning persons
  • An excellent shade in the backyard for your morning coffee
  • Enjoy excellent sunset time for an evening outdoor
  • The best spot for capturing solar heat in winters

East-face apartments – Cons:

Nothing will please you more than living in a comfortable and well-established apartment. An east-facing property could be a perfect choice but it has a few drawbacks under its hood. Let us explore them.

  • Subpar energy efficiency
  • Sunlight glare in the front window
  • Hot front yard

4. West-facing apartments – Pros:

Opening your door to the sunset is more relieving than walking in a park. The door to the stare at the sun is a unique attribute of these apartments and you should enjoy it by opting for these houses. They have the following advantages for their residents.

  • Enjoying the best natural illuminations in the evening
  • Keeps the house dark in the morning
  • You can enjoy a better sleep
  • Cloth-drying in the backyard

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West-facing apartments – Cons:

Besides enjoying the advantages of these houses, here are a few disadvantages that you must never ignore. These are:

  • Deprived of natural light
  • Not enough for energy efficiency

Make your life better in a luxury apartment!

Nothing will calm your mind more than living in a luxury apartment with modern-day amenities and perks. Make your life better by opting for an excellent apartment at a prime location. Don’t forget to hire professional property developers as they can help you out in the process!

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