Garbage Containers: Bin Manufacturer Birmingham, Types, Advantages and Choice,

According to average estimates, one person produces more than 1.1 kilograms of garbage per day. It is impossible to imagine what life would be like without special containers, which, by the way, fill up pretty quickly. The problem of buying garbage containers worries not only the city authorities, but also individuals, ordinary people, owners of private houses and cottages, owners of construction sites, and industrial and manufacturing enterprises. Garbage containers are an essential element for maintaining order and frequency in a designated area. Some models of garbage containers are being replaced by improved models with additional options and made of different materials. Find out more about the types of waste Bin Manufacturer Birmingham and how to choose the right one.

Garbage containers – their main types and advantages

Plastic containers according to the material of manufacture can be divided into two types:

Waste containers are plastic, suitable for waste of small weight. Plastic waste containers have a number of advantages:

Long service life.

They have a small weight.

Easy to sanitize and disinfect.

Convenient to transport.

Resistant to aggressive environmental conditions.

Does not require painting.


Metal waste containers are suitable for various types of waste: household, construction, and industrial.

Metal waste containers have the following advantages:

Long service life.

Withstand heavy loads.


Resistant to aggressive environmental conditions.

Garbage containers depending on the type and volume of waste can be divided into two types:

Garbage containers for household waste (MSW) – the most commonly used type of tank. You can see such garbage containers near apartment buildings, in private sectors, in garden associations, near offices and in various industries. The volume of the container can be different: both 0.75 cubic meters and 2-3 cubic meters, such as a painted metal waste container of 0.75 cubic meters.

  • Garbage containers for bulky waste (LGB). Garbage containers of this type most often used in the private sector, the volume of garbage containers is from 8 to 40 cubic meters. Designed to collect bulky waste, for example, during construction work. Its main scope is the storage of bulky waste.

Waste containers – selection criteria

When choosing a garbage container, experts recommend paying attention to several important parameters:

Type of waste. It is assumed that the user of the garbage container will throw different types of garbage into it. Plastic containers can be universal, designed for separate collection of household waste: plastic, glass, paper and many others.


Garbage containers for separate collection of waste bins Birmingham.


Waste collection time. It is worth considering an important parameter – the frequency of waste removal from the territory.

Location of the waste container. In the private sector, for example, the installation of a storage hopper required much less frequently than a garbage tank.

Garbage containers differ in their appearance and features of functioning depending on the area of ​​application:

Plastic waste containers for housing and communal services can be absolutely anything: for example, for an apartment building of 45 apartments, a Waste Bins Birmingham container with a volume of 1100 liters or more is enough, such as plastic waste container for 1100 liters.

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