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Get familiar with elopement packages!

Before we take a closer look at Las Vegas elopement packages, let’s first talk about the meaning of elopement. Because the term has evolved tremendously in recent decades, there still seems to be a lot of confusion about escapes. Nowadays, elopement describes a beautifully scaled-down wedding.

Let’s look at the elopement packages to the destination.

Elopement packages are an all-inclusive solution for a stress-free, gorgeous wedding. Depending on who offers the package, such as the venue or the planner, they usually include everything you need for your wedding day. Some examples of elopement package services: are venue fees, photography coverage, organization and design of your wedding, a small floral package, a mini wedding cake, hair and makeup for the bride(s), and even a small ceremony with a wedding officiate. But not all elopement packages are created equal because each dealer has their escape package specifically tailored to the needs of their clients.

The benefits of elopement packages!

  • Elopement packages offer various benefits. For example, a beach hotel will include venue fees and perhaps a beach ceremony and romantic dinner under the stars, but the elopement package may not have a unique concept design.
  • Similarly, A wedding photographer package covers the photography for a certain number of hours but may not include an individual concept or venue fees.
  • And a wedding planner can offer the entire organization and design of your wedding, among many other details, but also may not include venue fees or photography coverage.

What is included in elopement packages?

An elopement is a small wedding event with a maximum of 20 to 30 guests. It just focuses on couples and the wedding ceremony itself. It is typically arranged in a marque where teams and guests must be entertained. First, couples need to know about the elopement package offered by the planner. An elopement package includes different service designs to help the pair their convenience. These packages may include essential services like couples’ bouquets, photography, and music. But teams may also have other things in this package according to their requirement.

Before going for the elopement package, look while about its pros and cons!


  • The elopement package requires you to do only a minimal amount of planning.
  • With the box, you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • You know right from the start how much your wedding will cost, without any hidden surprises.
  • Elopement packages are highly effective because you can plan your destination wedding in weeks.

Even elopement packages indeed have a few drawbacks.


  • Elopement packages are not as flexible as A-Z planning services.
  • Not all getaway packages are all-inclusive.
  • Leaked packages may seem like cookie cutters.
  • So how can you take advantage of all the benefits of an elopement package for your destination wedding while still enjoying all the benefits of a customized marriage?

Check the best elopement packages offered by the chapel!

A wedding is the most precious day in everyone’s life when a couple decides to tie the knot. They plan different things for their weddings like the theme, dinner, decorations, etc. there are other venues where you can celebrate your wedding. Like, such book a chapel, church, resort, hotel, and banquet or marque. Before booking, any platform checks the best Las Vegas elopement packages that marques or resorts offer.

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