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Making your Discord server can be pretty simple, especially if you go the easy route and just use the default logo that the app provides you with when you first make your server. But if you’re going to go through all the effort of creating your server, why not make it unique? That’s where making your custom Discord logo comes in handy. You can add a bit of character to your server without having to be an artist or spend hours on graphic design software to get something satisfactory. Making your Discord logo doesn’t have to be hard, either!

Understand Why You Want to Create a Discord Logo

A Discord logo is a brand identity. The Discord logo represents your app, product, or service on various platforms. Customers that come across it for the first time will get an idea of what you offer based on its design elements like the color scheme, font type, and style.

It’s important to create a logo with meaningful elements so that they strike a chord with your target audience by reminding them of your brand’s value proposition. To understand how to make a discord pfp template without hiring a designer, one must first identify the business objective behind using discord logos in marketing materials. You can create your discord icons from scratch or use some amazing discord templates available online for free download. Do not forget to integrate it on social media posts because it helps boost engagement too!

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Consider the Look of Your Channel

The first step in customizing your Discord logo is picking out a color scheme for your channel. While there are no rules about what colors you can or can’t use, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want your Discord logo to look good:

Channel Icon – Make sure that if your channel icon has multiple colors, they’re all contained within one clear shape. For example, don’t put two different shades of blue on two separate areas of a circle. Sticking with one shape will make it easier for people to find and spot your avatar around Discord!

Channel Background – Pay attention to how your background image looks when you include your username text in it. If you have a busy picture behind your name, like an explosion of fireworks, try using a lighter font so that it doesn’t get lost in the picture. If you have a lot going on behind your name, consider making it slightly transparent so that only part of it shows through.

To change transparency levels for each element of your Discord logo:

1) Click Profile Settings

2) Select Colors & Transparency

3) Click Transparency Slider

4) Adjust the slider until the desired level of transparency is reached.

Profile Picture – Try not to place anything too distracting directly behind your profile picture (e.g., another person). Ideally, everything should be either white or transparent so that nothing gets lost behind any other images or words. Keep in mind that some servers may require certain sizes for avatars and pictures.

Once you’ve picked out a great color scheme, you’ll need to choose which parts of your Discord logo will be static and which parts will move/change/fade away. Here are some basic guidelines: Static Elements: These elements won’t move at all as time passes; they’ll always stay exactly where you place them.

Username Text Channel Name Avatar Moving Elements: These elements will fade away over time or move across screen space. Channel Backgrounds Username Text Effects These effects can add movement or animation to static elements but won’t affect moving elements at all.

Know What Formats You Need

The two most common logo formats are flat (often called silhouette) and 3D. The latter typically looks more professional, but that doesn’t mean it’s always right for you. Find out which format will work best for your brand/company, then get to work! If you want to make a 3D logo, check out these guides from Envato Tuts+ or Design Instruct. If you’re interested in creating a 2D (flat) logo using Adobe Illustrator, check out Promaxxf8’s tutorial.

Another option is to make your Discord logo on Canva, where there are options for both 2D and 3D logos. Once you’ve created your Discord logo, upload it to an image-editing program like Photoshop or GIMP and add some text. You can also find free Discord-themed fonts online. And don’t forget about overlays! Overlays are images placed over the top of another image to create a unique look. You can use overlays with any type of design—2D, 3D, etc.—and they’re very popular among Twitch streamers as well as Discord users who want their logos to stand out.

Decide on an Emoji Style

Most of Discord’s emojis are made up of geometric shapes in a style that’s similar to Apple’s emoji. There are, however, other styles you can choose from. For example, there is a set called glassy. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, it does give your logo a unique look compared to other Discord logos out there. Glassy works best with icon-style logos like those found on top sites like Facebook or Twitter.

You can also try vintage. With thin lines and muted colors, vintage emojis might be better suited for more conservative organizations that want their Discord logo to match their branding scheme.

How to Add Text

While images can be a powerful element of your Discord image, it’s important to realize that text is one of the most important elements. After all, what is a logo if you can’t read it? One great way to add text to your Discord image is by adding a special kind of text called Outline Text. With outline text, you can create unique-looking letters that take on different shapes depending on their use. You’ll have better control over your Discord image with outline text – so if you want to get creative with your Discord logo design, consider using these!

Use Free or Paid Fonts

There are some free fonts you can use to make your Discord logos, such as Roboto Font or Code. Both of these fonts are pretty legible when used for a logo. Alternatively, you can choose a premium font. However, there are still many fonts that you can use without paying anything at all! You can use the options in Photoshop or Illustrator programs with little trouble.

For example, if you use a font like Code in Adobe Illustrator then select Create Artwork from Scratch and give it a thick black outline. This will look like an official Discord logo because it is. This may not be perfect for every case, but it works just fine!

Create and Preview Your Logos in Different Scenes

Discord is a popular online platform where gamers can congregate to talk about their passion for video games. As with other social media platforms, Discord allows you to make your unique profile picture or logo to represent you within their community. By creating your custom Discord logo, you allow yourself to stand out from other players in several ways. Use our guide as a way to create and preview your logos in different scenes so that your logo sticks out when others view it on their screen. After all, if it’s not memorable, why even make one?

Create Logos for All Occasions

Discord started as a small group of friends making Discord (then called Hammer & Chisel) for themselves. As they grew, they eventually decided to turn their game into a full-fledged service. It was not until recently that Discord hit a level of popularity where it could be considered the next big thing or an industry leader in VoIP gaming servers.

If you are in charge of creating your Discord logo, then it is probably best to start with an image that represents your product or service as well as possible. This will help others easily identify your brand when they see it on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Although logos cannot say everything about your business, they should at least speak something about what you do and who you are!


If you’re interested in creating your own Discord logo, this article aims to provide an inside look at the professional design process. While Discord is popular and has many users, you may find it difficult to stand out from others. This becomes even more challenging if you are trying to promote your business or create your own Discord community. Creating your own

Discord logo can help attract potential customers/members as they will able to easily identify you as a member of a community that’s dedicated to their interests. However, creating your own Discord logo isn’t as easy as it sounds and requires expert graphic designers who understand branding standards and can successfully incorporate these standards into your brand’s identity.

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