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Samsung Android OS smart devices have the biggest place in the world because it has advanced features and functions, are easy to use, look handy, and cheapest to buy. But the thing is most people fear transferring their data/files from the older device to the Samsung Galaxy device when switching to the new Samsung Android OS device. Although all data transferring tools are not the same. Yes, that’s true. If you have the windows 8 PC for transferring the tool to Samsung’s new Galaxy device Samsung Smart Switch for Windows 8 data migrating tool.

Description About Smart Switch For Windows 8

Nowadays most people are facing with lack of a data migration tool. When they switch to a new Samsung Galaxy device they always try the Bluetooth option because people are not sure about the data transferring tool. But keep your worry ness aside and come to the new world. As the solution for that, Samsung Smart Switch For Windows 8 is the best data transferring tool. You can click on one tap after downloading the data tool software. 

It will save your time and you can do your other work as well.  Smart switch download for PC is a freeware application that you can transfer the contents of an older device such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, and windows to the Galaxy device via the Windows PC.

Available Latest Versions of Smart Switch 

  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.17102_8
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.17054_16
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.17042.12
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.17022.20
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.16121.3
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.16104_4
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.16102_12
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.16084_4
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.16052_2
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.16034_4

Now you have a chance to select the new version as Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.17102_8 to your Samsung device with the capable older device. It is not hard to get the latest version because our official website helps you more than other websites. So enjoy the experience with the Samsung Smart Switch for Windows 8 for transferring your contents like Alarm, settings, calendar, lock screen, home screen, s planner, etc.

Methods of transferring data from older devices to the new Samsung Galaxy device

If you switch to the new Galaxy smart device first you have to select a trusted data migration tool for your device. Therefore we introduced earlier to you as Samsung Smart switch for windows 8. It is best when you look up for transferring your valuable content like call logs, contacts, messages, s planner, email, s notes, photos, music, videos, and more. Likewise, there is a highlighting fact that is you can share your data/ file by using three different ways. So you can select the favorite and easy way that you wish more. They are

  • Wireless method- (using WIFI)
  • USB cable / OTG cable
  • Windows pc /Mac pc

These are the easy and fastest three methods by which you can share your data from older devices to new Galaxy devices. If you switch to the new Samsung Galaxy device you are blessed to have the Samsung Smart switch for windows 8. And here you can this pc smart switch for your windows OS pc or laptop or Mac pc to transfer the data from an older device to a new Galaxy Samsung device via the computer.

Some features of the Smart Switch for windows 8

This is the one-click data migrating tool in the online market for migrating data from an older device to new Galaxy smart devices for free. The software has a user-friendly interface. So you do not have any basic knowledge to perform this data tool. Also, there are three methods to transfer the data to the new smart Samsung Galaxy device. You can select the comfortable one from these ways. This is the 100% guaranteed data migrating tool in the market. So you can keep trust in it and use the app. Most of the users use windows 64-bit os PC so you can use Smart Switch 64 bit software to migrate.

Requirements of Samsung Smart Switch 

  • The operating system of the personal computer must be windows XP or later, then you can download the software onto the PC
  • Screen resolution will be 1024X768(600),32 bit, or upper
  • The needed software for pc is windows media player version 11 or later
  • Your old smart device with an Android operating system will be 4.3 or upper
  • If you are using an iOS device it will be 4.2.1 or later
  • Your new Samsung galaxy device must be an Android operating system with 4.3 or upper
  • The central processing system of the personal computer should be Pentium 4;2.4 GHz or higher
  • Random-access memory of the personal computer must be 1GB or higher
  • Use any virus guard for your pc. That will protect any harmful viruses

Samsung Smart Switch download windows

  • Keep a full backup of your data before importing from the pc 
  • Make sure with the requirements before downloading the software
  • First, you go to our official website or reliable website for your Windows PC and get the “Smart Switch for windows” link
  • Get it on to the option “Windows” and download
  • Then the installation interface appears on your PC’s screen
  • Run the installation
  • Agree with the agreements by putting a tick in the space provided
  • Wait for a little moment until the installation is complete. After the completion, you will get a message as a Finish and confirm it 
  • Now you touch upon the app on  the notification panel of your PC
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy device with your PC
  • On Smart Switch App click on “more” and select preferences
  • Then you can see what items you can back up. Backup items are depending on your mood, If you select all, the ticks will be selected for all items and click ok. Otherwise, click cancel
  • Click backup
  • Once the backup process is completed there is a message,” backup has been completed successfully”

Lots of people like to buy new smart devices like a Samsung Galaxy device. Then you have time to transfer your data without any worries by using the Samsung Smart Switch software. Also, this app is mostly designed for Samsung users. Therefore you are blessed to have this chance when you use Smart Switch software.

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