Get the Most Attractive Labels Designed through In-mold Label Process

In-Mold Label Saves the Environment

The term In-Mold Label is derived from the technique. A preprinted polypropylene (PP) label is placed in a mold that is available in the shape of the end product. The molten pre-printed polypropylene is added to the mold and fuses with the label. During the process, it takes the shape of the mold and results in packaging. In-mold labels are a type of label that is placed on a product during the molding process. This allows for a more efficient production process and results in a label that is firmly attached to the product. In-mold labels are commonly used on plastic products, but can also be used on metal, glass, and other materials.

In mold labeling is a process that can be done in a proper production process. Let us take a look at the processes.

  • Injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • Thermoforming

There are various benefits of in-mold labeling.

Best print quality

The offset printing technique provides high-resolution images. In addition to this, you can decorate all the sides of cans or boxes with one single label. The more attractive your labels are the more chances are you attract customers. The labels should be packaged thoroughly so that they do not leak during harsh traveling conditions.

Less production time required

Through the in-mold label process, containers can be provided with the best designs in one single step. Within less duration, more containers can be provided, which makes sure that storage of blank containers becomes unnecessary. Furthermore, storage and transport costs are also reduced. In the manufacturing industry, time plays a major role. If you are saving time in manufacturing, you are actually earning money.


In-mold label saves the environment. The packaging and the label consist of good material that can be completely recycled. For such a benefit, many manufacturers rely on it. This is one of the major aspects because if a label isn’t environmentally friendly, it can cause regulatory issues which can further cause hassles in production. The good quality labels are environment friendly which gives you an edge over the others.

Strong and hygienic

In-mold label resists humidity and extreme changes in the temperature. Due to this, it is the best solution to cover plastic containers for frozen as well as refrigerated food products. Moreover, in-mold labels are also scratch-resistant. These cannot be cracked and are not vulnerable to wrinkles too. The in-mold labels are strong and hygienic which can further reduce the spillage and deterioration. Always consider the fact that food packaging is a serious concern because if it is not done properly, it can cause serious health issues.

Wide range of containers

The same plastic packaging product can be decorated in a wide range through in mold label. Using different materials and inks, diverse labels can be designed. One of the greatest benefits of the process is that it requires minimum cost for a new design. So, you always have ample options to choose the best quality labels that are highly effective.

Sum Up

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