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Going Back to School? 5 Quick Tips for Parents

Getting your children ready to go back to school after the summer break can be a challenge. There are many things you need to think about and missing something important off the list can bring stress and anxiety in the days leading up to returning to school. As well to the practical considerations of going back to school, your child might be feeling anxious or worried about returning, so you need to ensure their mental health and well-being are supported too. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind if your child is returning to school this year.

1.      Support Your Child in Facing Any Worries

Many children may feel anxious or worried when they are about to go back to school. This can be particularly acute in the case of children who are not enjoying school or don’t want to go there at all. This can be one of the biggest challenges for parents when they are preparing for their children to go back to school. Let your child know that they can speak to you about any concerns they have and that you are ready to listen and support them along the way.

2.      Check the Sales

Getting your children ready to go back to school can come with many different costs, including school equipment, clothing, and food. Before your child goes back to school, check out the sales to see whether you can find any discounts. Where possible, avoid the summer rush when demand is higher, and prices are not likely to be lowered. Whether your child needs a new school laptop backpack or a bigger bag for extra items, planning ahead can save you time and money.

3.      Understand the Importance of Friendships

Good friendships can make school life much easier for children. Putting emphasis on ensuring your child has at least a few good friends at school can help to make their return to school much easier. If your child is only just starting school, try to connect with other parents and children who are also starting at the same time.

4.      Buy New Clothes

Young children often grow fast, which means they are likely to outgrow their clothes by the time they return to school. Taking this into consideration sooner rather than later can help you to avoid overlooking some of the essentials ahead of your child’s return to school.

5.      Check Out the Syllabus

Having some oversight of what your child will be studying in the year ahead can help you to better support their return to school as well as their education in general throughout the year. Pay particular attention to any subjects that your child is especially interested in since this can also help you to encourage and inspire your child if they are worried about going back to school.

Supporting your child’s return to school can be challenging, but there are things you can do to help promote a happier and healthier transition.

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