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Going Camping? Here are 10 Things You Can’t Forget to Pack

Looking to go camping to relax and reboot from your day to day life. Whether you plan to spend a few days camping at a concert or enjoying nature with your loved ones, you need to know what to pack. Depending on where you plan to stay, you may not be close enough to shops to pick up supplies. You probably don’t want to turn around and head back home either. The best way to ensure you have what you need is to make a list to ensure you pack everything you will need for your camping trip.


The most important thing you need for your camping trip is some type of shelter. An ordinary tent is great for individuals and small groups. You may want to look at one with a rain fly that blocks out the rain. Some tents have separate spaces inside for multiple people along with pockets that help you keep track of your essentials.

Comfort Supplies

Unless you like sleeping on the ground, bring a sleeping bag and a camping roll. An air mattress is another good option because you can pick a smaller size for just you or a larger size for you and your partner or spouse. Make sure you pack a repair kit and a pump for the mattress. Blankets and pillows can also help you stay comfy on your trip.

Food and Drinks

You can’t go wrong with classic camping foods such as hot dogs and marshmallows. It’s easy to roast them over a roaring fire at any time of the day or night. A cooler packed with ice will keep your food cool until the end of your trip. You can also freeze water bottles and toss them in the cooler. They keep food cold and serve as quick drinks when they melt. You may want to bring along kona coffee or hot chocolate too.

First Aid Kit

While camping is fun, you never know what might happen in the wild. Even if you plan on staying in an RV park, bring a first aid kit from home. A basic kit should include bandages and minor medications along with antibiotic ointment. It’s helpful to pack a small book that tells you how to perform medical care in the field until you get help.

Cooking Supplies

No matter where you want to camp, you need a handful of cooking supplies. There are french presses and similar pots that help you heat water on an open fire. A dutch oven or cast iron pan lets you make sweet and savory dishes on the fire ring. Don’t forget to bring utensils as well as roasting sticks too.

Extra Clothes

There is nothing worse than feeling miserable on a camping trip because you packed the wrong clothing or didn’t bring the clothes you need. Even if you check the forecast ahead of time, plan for both hot and cold weather. Bring at least one extra jacket or hoodie and an extra outfit. You may find yourself out of warm and dry clothing due to an unexpected storm.


Though not essential, chairs are a great addition to your camping trip. You’ll find some with built-in holders for your drink or speakers that connect to your phone.


While you can spend a weekend camping with nothing more than a flashlight, headlamps and lanterns also come in handy. Headlamps fit on your head and allow you to see where you’re going while keeping your hands free. With a small piece of rope, you can hang a lantern from a nearby tree and illuminate your entire site.


Many camping areas do not have ATMs where you can pick up cash as needed. Make sure that you have enough emergency cash on hand to cover unexpected expenses such as a tow back home if your car battery dies. You may also want to bring some change to use for drinks and snacks from vending machines.

Outdoor Gear

Don’t forget to pack outdoor gear that keeps you safe. Sunscreen is great to use early in the morning and later in the day if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Bug repellent comes in handy too and helps you head home without multiple mosquito bites.


When you pack the right chairs and nine other things you need, you’ll have an amazing camping trip. Think about all of the comforts of home that you want along with supplies that keep you safe. Your packing list of essentials for an upcoming camping trip should include extra clothes and lights along with cooking supplies and outdoor gear.

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