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Grow room vinyl panels are a better alternative to the drywall

Invest in grow room wall panels to control the excess moisture and humidity inside the commercial space. The grow room walls require a waterproof and durable wall covering. Grow room vinyl panels are a better alternative to drywall as vinyl is water-resistant, strong, and easier to install. In addition, the vinyl panels are easy to maintain and last for 45 years without any repairing, repainting, or refinishing.

The grow room yields get affected due to excessive moisture and humidity. Installing the drywall inside the grow rooms does not help at all. It’s because the drywall is prone to moisture damage, and it can adversely affect the plantation. Drywall absorbs moisture, swells, and results in mold and mildew growth. Once the grow room walls get damp, the infestation of mold, mildew, and bacteria can be detrimental to Cannabis cultivation. That’s why investing in grow room wall panels is essential. The grow room vinyl panels are the most favorite among all other wall materials. Here are a few reasons why vinyl panels are most preferred and used in grow rooms.

Vinyl panels are light-reflective and energy-efficient

The grow room walls need light-reflective panels. Grow rooms require an adequate amount of light for photosynthesis. Sunlight isn’t enough for the indoor grow rooms, and that’s why artificial LED lights do the job. However, even the artificial lighting cannot always reach every corner of the room, which is why the vinyl panels serve as a great light-reflective tool. The wall panels distribute the reflected lights to every corner of the inner chambers. The light-reflective panels are an energy-efficient solution for grow rooms and also keep the indoor conditions hygienic and clean. On the other hand, drywall isn’t light-reflective and needs to have white glossy paint to reflect light. The drywall painting and mudding is a huge hassle and needs constant retouching and refinishing to provide medium-level light-reflective shine.

The lightweight PVC panels are easier to install

The grow room wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are lightweight and easy to install, taking only 7 to 8 hours. The wall panels require the shortest installation time. PVC panel kits arrive with a user-friendly manual, and the installation is a one-person job. You do not require additional materials or skilled laborers to install PVC panels. However, if you want to install the wall panels within three to four hours, then hire two or more skilled laborers for the job.
On the contrary, the drywall installation takes several days and is a huge hassle. Drywall is a heavy material, and the installation is grueling. In addition, the taping, mudding, and painting make the area dusty and dirty, which again proves that drywall installation is laborious and comparatively more expensive than PVC.

Vinyl panels are strong and more durable than drywall

The grow room vinyl panels are impact-resistant and have a strong wall covering for indoor plantation. The vinyl panels are durable and last for minimally 45 years after installation. The wall panels have ½ inch thickness and do not require drywall or backers for the installation. PVC panels have hidden fasteners and studs, making the installation simple and durable. However, drywall might be durable, but not for humid grow rooms. Drywall absorbs moisture and instantly gets damaged, requiring an immediate replacement. If you are looking for a strong and durable wall covering for grow rooms, choose vinyl panels instead of drywall.

Wrapping up

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Author Bio – James Stallone was looking for grow room wall panels. He wanted waterproof wall panels for the grow room walls. He came across Duramax and decided to order customized grow room vinyl panels. James was delighted with the quality, professionalism, and on-time panel delivery by Duramax. James highly recommends Duramax wall panels.


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